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On Mon Oct 2 23:42:38 BST 2000, Frankie & Maria King (Ireland from said:

Hi Cliff,

Just want to let you know that once again we're sitting at home, having a few beer's, listening to your music, and really enjoying it. Thank you for the music, hope to get to Dublin in november 2000 to meet you.

All our heartfelt wishes are with you.

On Tue Oct 3 20:09:33 BST 2000, Val Gosden (UK - from said:

There are no words to explain fully the feelings stirred by your music and lyrics, from the 70's when my kids were small and loved to sing to 'Mr Bilbo Baggins' on car journeys, to now when I urgently need music to soothe and relax me. Thank you.

On Wed Oct 4 16:52:27 BST 2000, Guy Nolan (England from said:

Just to say what a great time I had at the convention on Sunday. I took the train up from London which took forever, it was well worth it.
The music played was fantastic! I thought Dave Cartwright did a great job as the host for the day. I look forward to going again next year. People out there just don't know what they are missing out on when it comes to Clifford's music.
Once again thanks for a great day,

On Sun Oct 8 02:16:23 BST 2000, Martin Brewer (USA from said:

Serendipity is a strange thing. I was back in England this summer visiting my family in West Sussex. My brother has kindly kept my vinyl albums in his attic for ten years and I was browsing through them with Bittersweet pleasure that nostalgia induces. When I happened upon "Home Thoughts" I just stared for ages at the cover - the album evoked feelings of times past even upon release. Truth is beauty and this album is all I need to know. On the same afternoon I came upon the CD compilation "Gaye and Other Stories" and have not stopped playing it since. So much of Cliff's story seems to mirror my own. I am an English teacher now living in New Hampshire and my thoughts from abroad often wend their way home. Cliff's music transports me home in a physical and spiritual sense - for this I am deeply grateful. I introduce American students to his work when we tackle certain appropriate poems. Clifford T. Ward deserves the same media attention that is currently being afforded to Nick Drake because he represents everything that I love about my home country - the message is in the music and they should all listen as I am listening now. I hope that Cliff reads this message because I would like to thank him for enriching my life with a body of work that only grows more meaningful through time.

Martin Brewer

On Mon Oct 9 13:58:56 BST 2000, andy rushworth (bradford, england) from said:

i simply cannot find anouther singer that toutches me like cliff i can only find two albums in my record shop and i have them both but i would like to buy more ps has anybody noticed some background talking at the start of the song homethoughts is it supposed to be there or is it the sound engineer talking to his mate?

Andy, all Cliff's music is now available in one form or another - for full details of this, and how to obtain it, return to the 'Main Page', then follow the link 'Available Merchandise (and how to get it)'.
The 'back-ground talking' heard at the beginning of the song 'Home Thoughts From Abroad' is actually a police message that was accidentally picked up by the recording equipment.
  . . . Mick.

On Mon Oct 16 14:57:24 BST 2000, Simon Smith (Billingham, Stockton on Tees, England Frances.SI@RMPLC.CO.UK) from said:

Dear Clifford, For about 25 years the words to "The Traveller" have been in my head, without me knowing the name of the song or the Artist. We used to come into our primary school assemblies to the song when I was a lad. Imagine then, my surprise when I searched the internet for the lyrics and it came up trumps, complete with an excerpt on media player!!!!! What a great song. Is it still available on CD? I would like the children in school where I now teach to come in and hear the same song that I did all those years ago. Thanks Simon.

On Tue Oct 17 20:58:16 BST 2000, douglas hearn ( from said:

Dear Clifford, I have recently purchased a Don Henley C. D. and there is a track called Taking You Home, which for some reason i don't know why i suddenly thought how wonderfull it would be to hear you singing it, because for me you are and always will be the best singer songwriter this country has ever had, what a pleasure you have given us all. Have you heard the track, Thanks Clifford, Love to your family, Doug Hearn

On Thu Oct 19 19:26:26 BST 2000, catherine&tommie sweeney (ireland ( from said:

thank you for the music & the many years of listening pleasure.

On Mon Oct 23 15:44:41 BST 2000, david bobin (bobind @ from said:

I have always admired ctw's talents..his songs remain special to me after nearly 30 years...and why cant we have the definitive "best of" which INCLUDES Lost Again and the Best is Yet to Come? with every good wish to the man..the music lives on!

On Mon Oct 23 22:12:42 BST 2000, Peter Griffiths (wales from said:

Always Followed Clifford's music and delighted to see such a good web site.

On Tue Oct 24 16:32:10 BST 2000, Myles Christian (Ireland: email: from said:

Always a great fan.

On Fri Oct 27 13:20:10 BST 2000, Paula McCann (Scotland) from said:

Love the hair Clifford; also my dad really likes your music and is trying to get a hold of a certain song. When I found out which one it is I will come back to this cool web page.
Lots of Love

Thanks for your message, Paula: Whatever the song is, rest assured, if Cliff sung it - it's available. You'll find full details on this site: alternatively - e-mail me.   . . . . Mick.

On Sat Oct 28 13:17:42 BST 2000, ted abel (uk from said:

thank you i no longer feel like a lone voice in the wilderness.

On Sat Oct 28 16:03:59 BST 2000, Alan Lecker (United States from said:

Nearly 30 years later, Clifford T. Ward's music still stays with me. He was a unique artist.

On Sun Oct 29 22:57:49 BST 2000, Bernard Betts (UK ( from said:

My first child was going to be named Cary, Gay, Rayne Betts. The outcome 23 years ago was Matthew Ashley.

On Fri Nov 3 12:27:55 GMT 2000, John Foley (Ireland from said:

Hi, Please Please read the Word of God three times daily as medicine especially (Prov.4:20-22) it will be of Tremendous help. Sorry to hear You are ill have injoyed Your songs down through the years, if You get in touch with the Derek Prince Web Site I am shure all will be well with You. Thanking You For Your Kind Attention John Foley Dublin Ireland.

On Fri Nov 3 22:56:15 GMT 2000, The Buk (USA from said:

Hey Cliff, Stevie Vai once said to an emerging guitarist "Yes your playing is good but would your mother recognize you on the radio". I can walk into a record shop anywhere in the world or turn on a radio and hear your voice and I immediately know it's yours.

Heartfelt wishes....

On Sat Nov 4 16:36:39 GMT 2000, Patrick Reid ( in ireland) from said:

Listened to a radio programme on Irish radio Saturday. Glad to hear you are coming to Ireland. Regretably I will not make the event. Listening to Gaye again reminded me so much of my teenage years and all the friends from then. I often hum the air because it is so beautiful.
best wishes,
Pat Reid.

On Sat Nov 4 21:15:30 GMT 2000, francis mc grail (rep of ireland from said:


On Sun Nov 5 09:21:40 GMT 2000, Michel Blekemolen (The Netherlands M.Blekemolen@home,nl) from said:

I loved Clifford's music in the seventies. I have all his lp's till "New England Days". After that I could not find any of his new albums. They were not released in Holland and that's a shame! I would love to get all the albums that have appeared after "New England Days". Is there anybody who can help me? And how's Clifford these days? Still coping? Hope to hear something in return!

On Sun Nov 5 21:19:46 GMT 2000, Margo McLaughlin (Ireland from said:

Just back from a brilliant Clifford T Ward convention in a hotel in Dublin. It was brilliant. Hope to get to many more especially when Cliff can attend.

We love him.

On Mon Nov 6 13:33:25 GMT 2000, Desmond Olohan ( from said:

My Dear Friend Cliff,

How Wonderful it was to be with you in Dublin last-night. You're Family & Friends...Debbie, Pat, Roy & Steve were so good to me. And when we had our little chat, and we held hands...You used both your hands ...and so did I...You held on ...and so did I...and I could have held on Forever. In fact, I can still feel your Warmth now & I will always cherish It. You won my heart in '72 and it will always be with you...I know it's in good safe hands.

Your Music-life-time Friend.

On Tue Nov 7 14:58:27 GMT 2000, Gaye (UK from said:

I'm sorry that Clifford is so ill. I pray for him. Thank you for writing a song about "me". (GAYE) I love your soothing tones, CTW.

On Tue Nov 7 22:20:43 GMT 2000, Pat Jordan (Ireland from said:

Dear Cliff,
I would like to thank you for a lovely weekend. Aoife & Bròna had a ball. It was nice to see Debbie, Polly, and Martin in Dublin. School of Thought were brill, so was James. It just goes to show how much you are thought of here in Ireland. There must have been about 400 people or more at the hotel on Sunday. You are always in our thoughts, and I hope you will be up to visiting us next year. I would like to say a special thanks to Ron. (Thank you for the copy of Bittersweet.) Also thanks to Peter Grogan, Roy Smyth, and all the people who made 5th November a date to remember. Liz send here love.

Kind Regards
Pat J.

Mike, you'll have to come next year. Pat.

Yes, sounds like I missed something really special. I'll have to make a positive effort to get there next year!   Mick.

On Wed Nov 8 01:52:56 GMT 2000, Steve Gardner ( from said:

Thank you for some of the most beautiful songs ever written Cliff. I got my first computer 4 days ago and am so grateful to find you well represented on the net. I've been singing "Home Thoughts from Abroad" in folk clubs for a few years now and always take the opportunity to spread your name around to those who don't know your music. I now want to learn "A Day to Myself" and Not Waving - Drowning". Wish me luck, some of your chord work is tricky! and as yet I haven't found a site with chords as well as lyrics otherwise I'd sing a lot more of the songs. Love, Peace and Serenity to you and yours. Steve.

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