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On Sat Apr 15 09:00:27 BST 2000, david mcgugan (france from said:

I've been a fan of Clifford's music for years, it's nice to hear good music with lyrics which have a real meaning!!

On Fri Apr 21 20:44:11 BST 2000, lesley (England ....lesleykc& from said:

Thank you, thank you, for so many years of beautiful songs. I am so sorry that life has not been as kind to you as it should have been; you have brought so much joy and beauty into the world through your music, you deserve to fly high in the sky. Home Thoughts was my anthem album when I was a young girl living alone in London in the heart of London in the seventies. Since then no voice has touched me as much as yours and God Bless you always.

On Mon Apr 24 21:04:16 BST 2000, JOHN MCALINDON (SCOTLAND from said:

Just found this site to one of Britain's most gifted singer/songwriters. For me it started with Gaye, but the one I still sing 27 yrs on is 'TIME, THE MAGICIAN'. A big thank you for all the superb music and best wishes to Clifford, Pat and all the family. You are in our 'Thoughts' now.

On Mon May 1 10:24:50 BST 2000, Liz Pearce (UK from said:

My brother and I used to buy lots of CTW albums in the 1970s. A few months ago, whilst tinkering on the computer, I started looking round some of my old favourites, and came upon Cliff's web page. So sorry to hear that he is not so well nowadays. Have started to play my old tapes and records (and to buy CDs of the damaged ones). I knew your songs were good, Cliff, but only recently have I realised HOW good. Thanks.

On Wed May 3 13:35:50 BST 2000, John Lawson ( from said:

A really big fan of Clifford's, and studying at the Welsh College of Music & Drama. For my final year's project I will be performing a play based on the music and life of Clifford T. Ward. on May 25th 2000 at 3.00pm if anyone is in the Cardiff area, please come along.

On Thu May 4 08:53:14 BST 2000, David Griffiths (Spain ( from said:

I've rather lost touch with Cliff's music as I've been living in Pamplona (Spain) for twenty years but a good friend of mine in Toulouse keeps me up to date on new albums, etc. I started with 'Home Thoughts' when I was living in London in the 70s, still love the music and will buy the whole collection very soon. Very best wishes to Cliff and family.

On Fri May 5 15:28:07 BST 2000, Pat Jordan (IRELAND from said:

Just a short note to let people in Ireland know that if they require any information, CD's , LP's, etc. they can contact me any time. I have been a fan since 1973. Did you know that Colim C T Wilkinson had a top 10 hit in Ireland with UP IN THE WORLD. Best regards to all Clifford T fans. Pat Jordan.

On Sat May 6 19:45:46 BST 2000, Bernard Ritchie (www.britchie@freeserve) from said:

On Mon May 8 19:45:46 BST 2000, Maria (Ireland) from said:

I listen with affection and wonderful memories to your music. Thank you for your inspiration poetry. I listened to your records during many diffucult times. I send you all my best wishes.


On Mon May 22 17:40:29 BST 2000, Friend (England) from said:

Clifford, you feel so near yet so far away, I feel so close to you, yet we are distent, I listen to your songs, and I am moved by you but you did not know this, maybe now you do. Love from someone who is happy to make your aquaintance.

On Mon May 29 19:32:19 BST 2000, JOHN GEE (ENGLAND from said:

My tastes in music are extremely varied ranging from Status Quo through to Enya but there is one artist who is constantly on my CD at home or in the car and that is Clifford T Ward. From the early days of Singer Songwriter and Home Thoughts his is the music that I always turn back to. The melody and lyrics of Clifford's songs bring back many personal memories and I am sure I will still be playing them many years from now. This is what music should be like!

On Thu Jun 1 21:27:21 BST 2000, Gerry Manning (Ireland) from said:

Delighted to see that there will be a convention in Dublin in November. I'll be first in line. A devoted fan always. Thanks Mick for keeping up the great site. All the best, Cliff.

On Tue Jun 6 00:57:21 BST 2000, John Bulmer (England from said:

Dear CTW As now a 47 year old, you were in my youth, instrumental in defining the classical English 'poetry set to music' genre as exemplified by say John Dowland. I can honestly say that I knew ALL the words of all your songs and that any friends I first had round to my place were made to listen to your music so they knew what I was about. You were the first person who made me listen to nightingales; now I have them in my back garden!

Wish you were still on the scene.


On Sat Jun 10 01:55:30 BST 2000, Alex Tong (Hong Kong from said:

Having lost interest in music for the last ten years or so (yeah, I could blame it on the rat race), rediscovering it was one of my greatest joys in recent years. Getting this iMac was really a blessing. And I found this site, all by accident. All the memories.......they all come back.

How I was moved by his ethereal fabric of music and poetry, in its simplicity but yet profound beauty.
I guess it goes for many of us. Clifford was part of our growing up. It makes me smile with tears today flipping through the pages of this site.

The first cassette tape I bought was the Moody Blues' "Seventh Sojourn". The first record I had ever bought was "Home Thoughts", which brought much soothing healing to the battered soul of a young and unhappy Chinese boy. Luckily I came out of it alive, and well.

Thanks Clifford. In Chinese, we say,"Your songs linger and reel around the beam (ceiling) as long as three days." For me, it's thirty years and more.

I miss you, I really do.

On Mon Jun 12 02:47:18 BST 2000, Jem Treadwell (USA - from said:

"Well I like the words they use, and I like the way they use them..."

Those words occurred to me out of nowhere when I was looking for inspiration, and led me to this great web site. Home Thoughts was certainly one of the most memorable songs of the period when I was at school in Truro.

I'm very sad to hear of Cliff's condition, and wish him all the best. Thanks for the songs!

Jem Treadwell

On Tue Jun 13 22:45:20 BST 2000, Bernie Ritchie (London) from said:

Counting down the days until the 1st October 2000, after losing track of CTW for almost 20 years. Having only the (Bible Album) Home Thoughts, Mantle Pieces & Singer Songwriter in my collection i now have a lot of catching up to do. So sad to here of all the heartache that has followed this gifted songwriter and sadly reduced many more songs. Best Wishes.

On Thu Jun 15 21:31:13 BST 2000, Delia Armstrong ( from said:

I didn't know much about the songs of CTW apart from Gaye which I really loved. I was flicking through some Sky radio channels a couple of weeks ago when I became captivated by a song. I waited for the end of the song to find out who it was and guess who ? - CTW !!  I wrote down the name of the album and set out to try to find it. At the record shop there was only one copy of "Gaye and other stories" left, fate or what ? Now I'm completely hooked, what a voice, what lyrics, what feeling, but how on earth did I miss out on all that beauty for so long? Never mind, better late than never I suppose. God Bless, Clifford.

On Sun Jun 18 00:52:50 BST 2000, Jim Lauder (England from said:

Great site. I enjoyed stopping by.

On Tue Jun 20 14:35:04 BST 2000, Budi Haryanto (Indonesia and my email add. from said:

One of the best British song writers I have ever heard!

On Wed Jun 21 01:48:15 BST 2000, Don (Ireland from said:

In addition to my last entry, I forgot to say how good this site is. Really excellent. And also the part about "Jim`l fixit" is true, the strange thing being that I was a long haired, Denim wearing Rock Fan then. I`m still trying to compile my top 20 CTW songs. It`s not easy. I dont want to leave any of them out. `Til the next time. Don.

On Mon Jul 3 20:11:22 BST 2000, peter scott ( from said:

Cliff, your are the best, nobody can come any where near what you have achieved, excellent brill. l will purchase the only two recordings l have not got of you, LAUGH IT OFF, THE WAY OF LOVE,

On Mon Jul 3 23:27:51 BST 2000, Gerard Dam (Netherlands ( from said:

Dear Cliff,

For many years now I've been looking for cd's with your music, to replace my worn out old seventies' tapes. I've always refused to just accept the fact that those tapes were over and out and that I had to forget your beautiful music. But over here, I've lost track of you.

The other day I discovered the Clifford T. Ward web-sites. So now I know that you did so much more after "Gaye" and "Homethoughts from abroad". So much more beautiful music for me to discover! So now I know that cd's are available.

And only just now I learned that for the last 10 years you haven't been treated fairly by life itself. I read that you have encouraged your daughter when she was a little girl. She's a strong woman now. I've read that your wife is reminding you of that. I would like to do so, too.

I wish you all the best and I hope that you may live amongst people who love and who act out of love.

Thank you very much for your beautiful music!


On Tue Jul 4 08:02:25 BST 2000, Ken Tedford (Australia ken& from said:

Dear Cliff,

I was introduced to your great music by an exchange teacher from Scotland while teaching in Eidsvold in central Queensland, Australia. I have enjoyed it ever since (1976). I only have a couple of battered cassette tapes and am trying to buy a cd or two here. So sad to hear (today) that you have MS. I pray that your life is comfortable and that some cure is not too far away. It would be tremendous to make it to your convention some day - I'll keep saving those bottle tops.

All the best for the future, Ken and Jan Tedford.

On Wed Jul 5 20:18:42 BST 2000, david fletcher (uk from said:

I think cliff's music is fantastic and i always have the song gaye on my mind, i had his music on lp`s and 45`s and i am now geting them on cd`s, it gives me a lot of pleasure listening to his music. d fletcher.

On Sun Jul 9 00:56:43 BST 2000, Michael Corcoran (Sydney Australia) from said:

I am writing a British Pop/Rock A-Z at the moment and just got to Clifford. Coincidently my friend Ron was over last night raving about Gaye and I pulled out my only album (Sorry, I haven't found any of the others on vinyl and can't afford to get them all on CD) Home Thoughts and played him Wherewithal (My favourite) while I was at it. Thank you for opening my eyes to yet another lot of music I must get soon. And thanks for an informative collection of information. I will leave my Address next time I visit.

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