Clifford T Ward

'Escalator' Sleeve

1) The Way Of Love
2) Jigsaw Girl
3) Escalator
4) Trespass
5) We Could Be Talking


1) A Day To Myself
2) Miner
3) Mr. Bilbo Baggins
4) Cellophane
5) A Sad Affair

CAS 1098

Vocals: Clifford T. Ward
Keyboards: Clifford T. Ward, Stephen Gray, John Mealing.
Bass: Terry Edwards, Dave Wintour, Andrew Bown.
Guitars: Derek Thomas, Dan Fone.
Drums: Ken Wright, Andrew Steele, Glen LeFleur.
Alto Sax: Pete King.
Orchestral arrangements: Richard Hewson.
String arrangement on "We Could Be Talking": John Mealing
Recorded and mixed at Sound Techniques.
Orchestra recorded at Kingsway Recording Studio.
Produced by Clifford T. Ward
All songs Written and composed by Clifford T. Ward

Waves - Fanzine (Clive Winstanley) comments:

Originally scheduled for release in the autumn of 1974 but delayed, one was always led to believe by the proverbial dispute between artist and label, when Clifford's final album for Charisma finally arrived (surprisingly minus the near hit single, Jayne) the following spring, it was critically acclaimed and definitely worth the wait. A more intense affair than any of its predecessors, there was a startlingly effective reappraisal of the use of keyboards which fully realised the potential of songs like A Sad Affair and A Day To Myself. Jigsaw Girl was a super single and only the twee Mr. Bilbo Baggins and extraneous Miner prevent this from being equal to the achievement of 'Home Thoughts'. (1975).

Star Rating: * * * * *  (out of 5)

My comments:

I always regarded this as a 'split' album - in the sense that half the songs are fantastic - equalling if not surpassing many of those on 'Home Thoughts' ; namely The Way Of Love, Jigsaw Girl, A Day To Myself, and I rate We Could Be Talking one of my personal favourite, all-time, Clifford T songs. In contrast, the other half of the album is a little below his usual standard, though still quite listenable.

Marks: 8 out of 10.

Copyright © 1998 Michael Armitage

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