"For Debbie and Her Friends"
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Polly Ward
Debbie (nee. Ward) and daughter Elle
Elle                      Debbie

This is Debbie and her friends, er, well . . not 'friends' exactly, more 'family' . . . she is seen here with her daughter (Cliff's grand-daughter - obviously!) Elle, and on the left is her sister (Cliff's other daughter - obviously!) Polly.

The picture below (left) shows Debbie the way she appeared on Cliff's Home Thoughts album sleeve back in 1973. On the right is Polly's photograph taken from the reverse side of Cliff's Both of Us album sleeve (1984).

Debbie Ward
Polly Ward

At Debbie's wedding in May 1985Debbie was born with cerebral palsy and has been committed to a life in a wheel-chair, though she is now married and has a daughter. She has made a successful career as a social worker, and currently works in the Coventry area. In 1973 Cliff wrote his now famous song, 'For Debbie and Her Friends', about her. Though most Clifford T fans will already be highly familiar with this song, the lyrics are presented here, along with an audio wave file sample (comprises the chorus and last verse) which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Both Debbie and Polly regularly attend their dad's annual convention: I took the top two photographs at the convention of October 1998. The photograph seen here on the right was taken at Debbie's wedding in May 1985.


For Debbie And Her Friends  

Growing up can be a lot of fun
Learning how to walk, and dance, and run
I know someone very special, she takes such care
Tell me what it's like in your wheel-chair.

You have learned to watch the others play
Joining in your stationary way
In your little world of stillness what do you dream?
Tell me where you go, how does it seem

You have taught me more
Than any book I've ever read
And now I find
That I refer to you instead.

You ask me if I believe in God
I say he's someone I'm not sure of
Then you say that's silly of me - he must be there
Tell me what it's like in your wheel-chair
Tell me what it's like in your wheel-chair.

For Debbie and Her Friends  - 1 minute 13 seconds audio (MP3) clip (1·4Mb). Click on the icon to download/play.

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