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This page depicts items of CTW Merchandise that have been available in the past, some of which may no longer be abailable.

Details of all currently available merchandise can be found via the Clifford T Ward Fan Club's site, which you will find at this address:



Singer/Songwriter - Plus  Re-release of Cliff's debut album
Home Thoughts  Cliff's classic (2nd) album
Gaye and Other Stories  Compilation album (Home Thoughts, Mantle Pieces, Escalator)
Julia and Other New Stories  Cliff's last-but-two album (Re-release 2002 - with 4 additional tracks)
Hidden Treasures  Cliff's last-but-one album
Bittersweet  Cliff's last album
The Ways of Love  Cliff's latest album
Clifford T. Ward - Anthology  A new (June 2002) compilation album (songs from the four albums above)
Both Of Us  Official re-release of the album (first time ever on CD!!!) (Available now!) 
This Was Our Love A new (November 2003) compilation album (See below for details)
No More Rock 'n' Roll Official re-release of the album (first time ever on CD!!!) (Available now!)

COPY CDs: All Cliff's other albums have been copied onto CD from near mint-condition vinyl records (the sound reproduction from these is very close to conventional CD quality!). In addition to these, two more CDs have been produced: one carries all Cliff's early recordings with 'The Cruisers' and 'The Secrets', it contains a total of 25 songs and is called 'Secrets'; and the other carries all his later singles (including the 'B' sides) (the recordings that are not on, or are a different version to those on the albums), it also includes a selection of unfinished songs from Cliff's 'Studio Sessions Tape'. This latter CD contains a total of 22 songs, and is called 'Sidetracks' . The actual contents of these latter two CDs are given in the two tables below.

The 'COPY CDs' (along with 'Singer/Songwriter', 'Home Thoughts', and 'Messengers' {see lower down page}) are available from the Fan Club - 'friends of Clifford T Ward'. These all have professional-looking inserts and CD labels.

1 Sidetrack 'Single' release only
2 Thinking of Something To Do 'Single' release only
3 Jayne from Andromeda Spiral 'Single' version
4 Maybe I'm Right 'Single' release only
5 Escalator Alternative version
6 Jesus of Long Ago From compilation LP - 'Beyond an Empty Dream'  
7 Ocean of Love 'Single' version
8 Up In the World 'Single' version (rare)
9 Convertible 'Single' release only
10 Taking The Long Way Round    Alternative version
11 Lost Again 'Single' release only
12 Climate of Her Favour 'Single' release only
13 Cricket 'Single' release only
14 Computer 'Single' release only
15 End of Time Tonight Studio Sessions Tape
16 Last Train Tonight Studio Sessions Tape
17 Somehow Studio Sessions Tape
18 Let's Be Fools Again Studio Sessions Tape
19 Yesterday In Parliament Studio Sessions Tape
20 Fast Thinking Studio Sessions Tape
21 Dear Julia Studio Sessions Tape
22  This Was Our Love Studio Sessions Tape
N.B: The 'Studio Sessions Tape' was available to fan-club members several years ago: The recordings are a mixture of unfinished songs and first-drafts.

1 Rachel Cruisers
2 No Money Down Cruisers
3 Oo Wee Baby Cruisers
4 Candy To Me Secrets
5 You're a Wonderful One Secrets
6 I Suppose Secrets     
7 Such a Pity Secrets
8 Infatuation Secrets
9 She's Dangerous Secrets
10 I Intend to Please       Secrets
11 I Think I Need the Cash Secrets
12 Naughty Boy Secrets
13 Sympathy Secrets
14 I Know What Her Name Is Secrets
15 Keeping My Head Above Water    Secrets
16 Misfit on Your Stair Bronco
17 A Matter of Perspective Bronco
18 Some Uncertainty Bronco
19 Discernible Bronco
20 Southbound State Express Bronco
21 Attraction Bronco
22  Wherewithal 'One More Chance' version  
23 Lost Again K-Tel version
24 Contrary Alternate take
25 When The World Was Round Alternate take

  'MESSENGERS': This is a double CD of over 40 covers (Cliff's songs sung by other artists) of CTW songs. Each CD has over 70 mins playing time. Some of the source material is very rare indeed, one single even being loaned from Australia.

  'MUSICALLY SPEAKING': This is an hour long interview which Cliff gave in the 80s on radio, together with his own choice of music which is quite remarkable. A kind of Desert Island Discs. The original copy was made available by Carol Quaile. Also on the CD is Carol's phone interview with Cliff in another radio programme also with Nick St. George.

N.B: As of March 2003 this CD is being supplied, along with 'We Could Be Talking' (see below), as a DOUBLE CD by the fan club.


Compiled by the former editor of 'Waves', Clive Winstanley, this CD contains highlights of Clifford T Ward's radio and television interviews since 1972. Excerpts from his songs provide the backing to his spoken words. The interviews have been edited to talk you through his musical life from the early days with the Secrets to attempting to come to terms with MS in the 90s. Below is a copy of the CD 'insert' notes:

We Could Be Talking is an interview CD which tells the story of Clifford T. Ward's life and music using highlights from radio and television interviews given during an eventful career as a solo artist. We Could Be Talking will add to your appreciation of Clifford T. Ward's music and of course the man himself.

What does he remember about touring in the early 1960s? Who were his influences? Why Clifford T. Ward? There's Clifford T. on religion; Clifford T. on education; Clifford T. on cover versions of his songs; Clifford T. on poetry. Songwriting methods are explored and Clifford speaks candidly about MS. Justin Hayward explains his love of Clifford's music and Jimmy Savile introduces 'Scullery' live on Top of The Pops in January 1974. Hear in full the jingles Clifford recorded for Radio Trent in 1985 and the Irish radio interview when 'Marron's Glance' was premiered and so much more.

The narrative originates from sources spanning three decades and the sound quality varies accordingly but this should not spoil your enjoyment and may even add a touch of authenticity! Promotional films, television appearances in the UK and Ireland, Capital Radio BRMB, Radio Merseyside, Radio Leeds, Radio 2 (Michael Aspel, no less) and RTE have all made the compilation of this CD possible. Thanks also to all the fans who sent in tapes. Very little archive material survives in the official vaults and the CD has been mastered from the best quality materials available.

So wind up the clock, turn the TV set off and listen to what the man said. He could be talking to you . . .

N.B: As of March 2003 this CD is being supplied, along with 'Musically Speaking' (see above), as a DOUBLE CD by the fan club.

  'THE VIDEO - CLIFFORD T. WARD' (NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD!): This is an extended and much improved version of the earlier video that has been available over the last few years. It runs for a full 3 hours, and includes a mixture of live T/V performances by Cliff; T/V interviews (at various stages in his career); some archive footage of Cliff with his young family; and a range of scenes from several CTW Conventions (home-made video), including many of Cliff's songs performed by James Davey - with some comments by Cliff. Below is the official listing of the video contents:

(N.B: A number of 'stills' taken from this video can be viewed on the 'Photo Album - Clifford T In Action' page.)


  1. Old Grey Whistle Test 1973 - All Modern Conveniences, Scullery.
  2. Top Of The Pops 1974 - Scullery.
  3. Interview by Tony Jasper -
    Including footage of Cliff with his young family - For Debbie and Her Friends.
  4. Song - Home Thoughts From Abroad.
  5. Midlands Today T.V. - Interview + song extracts.
  6. Interview (with Cliff) featuring Justin Hayward singing The Best is Yet To Come.
  7. Pebble Mill - Contrary.
  8. The Late Show - Watching The T.V. News.
  9. Irish T.V. Show - Messenger, The Best Is Yet To Come.
  10. Castlebar Song Contest - Irish T.V. -
    Gaye, Up In The World, Home Thoughts From Abroad.
  11. The Annual Convention 1993 - Lots of Cliff's songs sung by James Davey.
  12. Midlands Today T.V. - Hidden Treasures.
  13. The Annual Convention 1994 -
    Lots more of Cliff's songs sung by James Davey with suitable comments by Cliff. 


N.B: Please check with the CTW Fan Club, via their web site, for current price of this item.

  SHEET MUSIC - For Home Thoughts and Mantle Pieces Songs:

Photocopied sheet music (music, chords and lyrics) for all the songs on the Home Thoughts and Mantle Pieces albums; either as a complete set (as the original 'CTW Songbook'), or individual songs.

N.B: Please check with the CTW Fan Club, via their web site, for current availability, and price, of these items.


James Davey has been a close friend of Cliff's for many years, his singing voice is similar to Cliff's and he has spent much time working with his music. Following James' 'Evening' tape (no longer available) is this CD 'Love In The Song', which contains more of Cliff's songs sung by James. The cost is £12.50 (inc. p&p UK). Below are the 'insert' notes accompanying the CD, and the track listing:

Over the last few years I have really enjoyed performing Cliff's songs. I have always felt very confident, not in my own ability, but in singing such well crafted and meaningful songs. This CD is a collection of what we thought were our best performances from the first gig at the Horn and Trumpet in Worcester through to Dave Johnson's studio in Loughborough. It has not always been easy to perform Cliff's songs in front of his loyal fans and Cliff himself hanging on every word and note but I felt it was the least I could do for someone who is a dear friend and who's music still touches me deeper than anyone else's.
Cliff's music is as fresh today as it was when he first wrote it and it has given me a great deal of pleasure.
I hope you enjoy listening to this collection of songs as much as we did performing them.
Best wishes, James.


'Love In The Song'
  James Davey and the Clifford T Ward Tribute Band 
1 Taking The Long Way Round 'Live performance'
2 Home Thoughts From Abroad 'Live performance'
3 Gentle 'Live performance'
4 The Best Is Yet To Come 'Live performance'
5 No More Rock 'n' Roll 'Live performance'
6 Sal 'Live performance'
7 Stains 'Live performance'
8 Laugh It Off 'Live performance'
9 Time, The Magician 'Live performance'
10  Lost In The Flow of Your Love 'Live performance'
11 Ocean of Love 'Live performance'
12 Gaye 'Live performance' 
13 Scullery Studio track
14 They Must Think Me A Fool Studio track
15 I'd Like To Take You Out Tonight  Studio track
16 Let's Be Fools Again Studio track
17 We Could Be Talking Studio track

Currently, the CD can be obtained directly from James. Please phone James first to confirm availability. He can be contacted at work (Mon - Sat 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.) on (01952) 463495. Or at home on (01902) 743669. Or you can e-mail him at: jimbomusic@lineone.net

  'WHO CARES?' - BY JAMES DAVEY (more CTW songs sung by James) - NEW CD - JANUARY 2000:

From the man who captivates the audiences at the Clifford T Ward conventions with his polished renditions of Cliff's songs, this album is presented in the same style as those 'live' performances - a pure acoustic sound, without the clutter of background instruments. It contains a collection of some of Cliff's finest songs, and each one beautifully performed. The production of this album has had both Cliff and Pat's full support.

'Who Cares?'
James Davey
1 Next To You
2 Lost Again
3 Heaven Won't You Lend A Hand?
4 Maybe I'm Right
5 Lost In The Flow of your Love
6 Laugh It Off
7 Campers In The Night
8 You Must Think Me A Fool
9 Secretary
10 Home Thoughts From Abroad
11 Moonlight
12 Gaye
13 Climate of Her Favour
14 Gentle

As the previous CD, this can be obtained directly from James. Please phone James first to confirm availability. He can be contacted at work (Mon - Sat 10 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.) on (01952) 463495. Or at home on (01902) 743669. Or you can e-mail him at: jimbomusic@lineone.net


There are now available a selection of photographs, and these can be obtained in either 'small' size (typically 5" x 4") which are 50p. each, or large size (typically 10.5" x 8") which are £1.50 each. P&P is 50p per order. View the thumbnails to make your selection.

Added in August '99 is a selection of over 50 photographs of Cliff in action (re-produced from the CTW Video) - all have been approved by Cliff. In addition to these is a limited set of 4 posters of Cliff at various stages of his career: these are priced at £8 per set (+ P&P). One special set of these posters, framed and signed by Cliff, were auctioned at the October ('99) convention, and these fetched £320!

Any of the above photographs can be put onto T-shirts if you wish.

N.B: Please check with the CTW Fan Club, via their web site, for current availability, and price, of these items.


Pastel Drawing of Cliff by Lynne CastellThis beautiful pastel drawing was presented to Cliff at one of the CTW conventions of a few years ago, by the artist, Lynne Castell from Weston-Super-Mare. Lynne agreed that 50 copies could be taken to sell for the benefit of Cliff & Pat. There are a limited number of framed prints still available (frame size: approx. 12.5" x 9"), each with a numbered certificate, at £25.00 inc. p&p.

N.B: Please check with the CTW Fan Club, via their web site, for current availability, and price, of this item.


This is a live recording made at the memorial concert which took place in Kidderminster in February 2002, and includes many of Cliff's songs performed by both James Davey, and the band 'School of Thought'. The atmosphere of the day is well and truly captured. It has been regarded by some as the best release of Clifford T. Ward songs this year.

The CD is only available from the CTW fan club - please contact them, via their web site, for details.


This CD collection of CTW songs includes some of the last that he wrote - several of which he and James Davey were working on right up to the last few days, and they are all superbly performed here by James Davey.

1 Passion
2 Signs
3 Let's Be Fools Again
4 Give Up This Younger Man
5 Waiting For The Garda
6 So Bright
7 Don't Cry Elaine
8 I'd Like To Take You Out Tonight
9 This Was Our Love
10 Evening (Revisited)

The CD is only available from the CTW fan club - please contact them, via their web site, for details.


N.B: Tracks 1 to 9 are 'piano versions', while tracks 10 to 13 are in 'demo' form.

N.B: Please check with the CTW Fan Club, via their web site, for current availability and price of this item.


Re-released in May 2003, Both Of Us, one of Cliff's finest albums, now appears on CD for the first time! The CD carries an additional track on which 'Bittersweet - the CTW Story' author, Dave Cartwright, reads a very touching and poignant excerpt from the book. This track is of a 20 minutes duration. He has also composed, in his usual manner, a wonderful set of notes to accompany the CD, and these are presented on the case insert.

Additionally, it needs to be said that the sound quality of the tracks is significantly improved from that on the original, 1983, vinyl album! For a more detailed review of this re-release, return to the 'main page', then from the album list, click on 'Both Of Us'.

The CD was produced by Cherry Red Records, and is now readily available in the shops! Cat. No: CDM RED 228  


'THIS WAS OUR LOVE' (A Collection Of 21 Clifford T. Ward Rarities 1968 - 1980)

This new CD is now readily available in your local shops (Cat. No: CDM RED 245). It is, essentially, a compilation of songs from the earlier CDs - 'Hidden Treasures', 'Bittersweet' & 'The Ways of Love', but the recordings are generally of a superior quality - some being taken directly from the master tapes, while others have been re-mastered by sound genius Dave Johnson.

  'Bittersweet: The Clifford T Ward Story' (Biography) - Second Edition out now - November 2003!

The, updated, second edition of Cliff's biography, by Dave Cartwright, was published, in paperback form, in November 2003! For more details, go to the book's web page.


Latest merchandise news!

Roy Smith has now sourced Tee shirts and sweatshirts in white with the latest impression of the famous Clifford T. Ward portrait from the Escalator album. Tee shirts £15.00, Sweatshirts £20.00. Now in all four sizes: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, EXTRA-LARGE. Make cheques payable to 'Friends of Clifford T Ward' and send to Roy's address - given at the bottom of this page.

N.B: Please check with the CTW Fan Club, via their web site, for current availability of these items.

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