Both Of Us 
Clifford T Ward

'Both Of Us' Sleeve
(Vinyl - 1984) (CD - 2003)

1) Still Not Free
2) Messenger
3) Watchin' The T.V. News
4) Leaving
5) Both Of Us
6) Where Do Angels Really Come From?


1) Contrary
2) Before The World Was Round
3) Waiting for the Garda
4) Change Of Heart
5) Twenty Minutes
6) The Best Is Yet To Come
7) Reading of 'Bittersweet' excerpt
    (Last track on CD re-release only)

Original vinyl: Philips:   814777-1

2003 CD: Cherry Red:  CDM RED 228

  (Notes on the 2003 re-release {CD}) 

Produced by Clifford T. Ward
All songs written by Clifford T. Ward
(No other details given)

Waves - Fanzine (Clive Winstanley) comments:

Clifford recorded a few poorly promoted singles for WEA in the early 80's but no album emerged from this alliance. Clifford sought to capture the Irish market since his material appeared to be relatively well received on the Emerald Isle and he spent a lot of time in the Irish Republic recording and promoting his new songs. When 'Both Of Us' appeared in the British record racks, it was most unexpected as Clifford was featuring regularly in the "Whatever Happened To . . . . .?" articles in the press and, like most surprises, it was a pleasant one. In fact, 'Both Of Us', a collection of some of the WEA material and several brand new songs was his best album since 'Escalator'. Still Not Free, Messenger and The Best Is Yet To Come sit comfortably with his early classics and the album's other nine songs are right out of the top drawer. Again promoted with abject apathy by industry and media alike in the U.K. and falling victim to the unfair critical view that Clifford T. Ward was too square for the pop charts but too left-field for the MoR market, the album was always going to become intimate with bargain bins. It is outrageous that such a dramatic return to form went largely un-noticed. Perhaps if George Michael had covered The Best Is Yet To Come, things would have been different. (1984).

Star Rating: * * * * *  (out of 5) 

My comments:

I'm with Clive on this one - after a seven year break from album making, Cliff returns with a vengeance! Not quite 'Home Thoughts' class, but this album will certainly stand against 'Mantle Pieces' and 'Escalator'!  The Best Is Yet To Come was covered by no fewer than seven top artists - and is one of my personal favourites - with its 'single version' 'B' side - Lost Again - my number-one favourite; though, sadly, this latter song was not on the album - nor has it appeared on any of Cliff's albums for that matter!

Marks: 9 out of 10.


'Both Of Us' re-released on CD (for the first time) by Cherry Red: May 2003.

The new release carries an additional track, at the end, on which 'Bittersweet - the CTW Story' author, Dave Cartwright, reads a very touching and poignant excerpt from the book. This track is of a 20 minutes duration. He has also composed, in his usual manner, a wonderful set of notes to accompany the CD, and these are presented on the case insert.

I feel that something also needs to be said about the sound quality improvement on this re-released album: curiously, when I first obtained and played the vinyl L.P., many years ago, I felt that the high frequencies on the recordings were slightly attenuated - leaving the songs lacking the clarity one normally expects from a commercially produced album. I didn't concern myself too much about the matter - thinking that there must be a reason for it: surely the album producers knew what they were doing! On listening to the new CD version, it becomes immediately evident that the recordings, taken directly from the master tapes, have been subjected to an emphasis of the high frequencies (excellent re-mastering by sound wizard, Dave Johnson). Compared to those on the vinyl album, the tracks spring to life with an astonishing crispness, and exhibit a 'presence' that was not evident on the original album: one almost gets the feeling that Cliff is in the room, singing to them personally. In my opinion, this new CD has been produced to the high standard that the original vinyl copy SHOULD have been! The improvement in sound quality is so startling that I would urge everyone to purchase a copy of this re-release - no matter what earlier version of the album they may already have! 10 out of 10 to Cherry Red!

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