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c. 1969/70

A pencil sketch - created during my last years at school.


c. 1969/70

Drawn in ink/gem marker.

During the late 1960s - early 70s I had a keen interest in Speedway, and supported the 'Sheffield Tigers' Speedway team.


c. 1969/70

To someone who first watches a 'Speedway match' all the riders look much the same as they tear around the track (they are officially identified by their helmet colour!), but each rider has his own unique style of 'taking a corner' - the angle of their body, the straightness - or bends in their arms, position of feet etc. With experience - just a glance at a rider 'taking a bend' and you can identify him easily. Here are the distinct styles of two of Sheffield's top Speedway riders of 1969: Bob Paulson and captain Charlie Monk.

'The Tardis' (& a Dalek)'THE TARDIS'
c. 1968/69

Sketched in ink while at school: the famous 'Police Box' time-machine, shown here with one of the Doctor's arch-enemies - a 'Dalek'.

Yes, I was a big Dr. Who fan when I was a kid. In any case I've always dreamed of owning a 'time-machine' - if I ever get my hands on one you won't see me disappear for dust! Oh, the people and places I'd visit!

Who would have thought that twenty-eight years on, I would make this time-machine function? . . . .

  The Tardis In Action (57K)

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