Notes and Sources to 'The Impressive Lessons of Agnes Grey'
by Tim Whittome

1) Miriam Allott (ed.) The Brontës: The Critical Heritage (1974) p.233. (return)

2) (AG 193, chap. 25) All page references refer to Agnes Grey (ed.) Robert Inglesfield & Hilda Marsden (Oxford University Press, World's Classics, paperback 1991). Chapter references are included for other editions. (return)

3) (AG 197, chap. 25) (return)

4) (AG 98, chap. 11) (return)

5) (AG 99, chap. 11) (return)

6) Edward Chitham in A Life of Anne Brontë (Blackwell, 1991) demonstrates how Anne would draw pictures of babies while at Roe Head; see in particular page 53. (return)

7) Very moving evidence for Anne's feelings can be seen in Dreams, written while Anne was at Thorp Green in Spring 1845:

While on my lonely couch I lie
I seldom feel myself alone,
For fancy fills my dreaming eye
With scenes and pleasures of its own.

Then I may cherish at my breast
An infant's form beloved and fair,
May smile and soothe it into rest
With all a mother's fondest care.

How sweet to feel its helpless form
Depending thus on me alone;
And while I hold it safe and warm,
What bliss to think it is my own.....

See Edward Chitham's The Poems of Anne Brontë. A New Text and Commentary (Macmillan, 1979) p. 113. (return)

8) Introduction to Edward Chitham's A Life of Anne Brontë. (return)

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14) That Anne Brontë didn't lack 'cheerful vivacity' comes across most vividly in her joint 1834 diary paper with Emily. One should bear in mind, also, that Agnes' often dry, but witty, observations of those around her would seem to mirror the same dry humour that Anne shows towards Aunt Branwell in the 1834 diary paper. (return)

15) (AG 142, chap. 17) (return)

16) Preface to The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (ed.) G. D. Hargreaves (Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1980). (return)

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21) (AG 198, chap. 25) (return)

Copyright © 1993 Tim Whittome

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