A Guided Tour of Thorp Green
 (Part 3 of 4)

Let's follow Anne's footsteps and take a walk through the Long Plantation. Anyone contemplating a 'personal' visit please be warned - access is very difficult due to an obstacle course of anti-social gates and non-userfriendly fences!

Also, one has to consider that the range of trees there today would not be those that Anne witnessed during her time in this 'wood'. From the width of the tree trunks it seems unlikely that many are over 100 years old - indeed they may be considerably less. However, it can be clearly seen by the modern visitor that the majority of trees are growing in distinct rows, so the area is certainly a 'plantation' as opposed to a 'natural wood'; and given that it was called a 'plantation' in Anne's time, and the description of the area in Anne's poem, I would guess that it appeared fairly similar back then to the way it does today.

Entrance to the Long Plantation

 This photograph shows an opening leading into the wood in the area close to where Anne would have made her entrance.


Pathway along the edge of the 'wood'

This pathway runs along the edge of the wood - the section closest to Kirby Hall, which, in this photograph, is located about 1/2 mile to the left) . . .


Another view of pathway along edge of 'wood'

. . . and if one turns around and looks backwards along the path (towards the 'entrance' - with Kirby Hall now to the right) one is greeted with this view.


 Deeper inside the wood (1)

This and the following four photographs show a range of views from deeper inside the 'wood'.

Was it on some fallen tree, like the one seen here, that Anne sat writing her poem?


Deeper inside the wood (2)

 Here can be seen a sort of 'alley way' that runs through the central area of the wood.


Deeper inside the wood (3)



Deeper inside the wood (4)



Deeper inside the wood (5)



Approaching the wood 'entrance'

Gradually, we make our way back towards the 'entrance' . . .


Towards the wood 'entrance'

. . . and the 'entrance' comes into view.

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