Wood's Lodgings (2)
'Grand Hotel' and South Bay - panoramic view (1997)

This photograph shows the Grand Hotel (left) towering over Scarborough's South Bay - giving 'stupendous' views of the bay and castle - as did Wood's Lodgings around one hundred and fifty years ago. The Spa Bridge is largely obscured by the trees.

BELOW:  This shows a 'zoomed in' view of the Grand Hotel alongside the equivalent view around 1860 - showing Wood's Lodgings about 10 years after Anne died there. The light coloured cottages abutting the left-hand side of the main building (old photo) were also part of Wood's Lodgings, and some believe that it was in one of these where Anne spent her last few days; however, it is equally possible that it was at the right-hand end of the larger, main building (as seen here).58n  We know for certain that she had a sea view from both her bedroom, and her sitting room (which was one floor below) - hence they were 'back rooms' with respect to this photograph. Wood's Lodgings were demolished in 1862 to make way for the Grand Hotel which was finally opened in 1867. (Note, the nearby 'gas-lamp' in both photographs is the same one!)

'Grand Hotel' - St. Nicholas Cliff (1997) Wood's Lodgings - St. Nicholas Cliff (c.1860)

On the seaward side, the main Wood's Lodgings building extended below street level - down the cliff by another 3 floors - in a similar manner that the current Grand Hotel does. These extensions can be seen on the extreme right of both pictures. The vast difference in size between the two buildings is also very evident (compare against the building on the extreme left - which is the same one in both photographs!).

Opposite:  This drawing is titled 'New Buildings, Cliff, Scarborough', and dated 1843.59  It shows Wood's Lodgings viewed from the sea, with its new 'central block' and 'down-the-cliff' extension - in the year of Anne's third visit to the resort.60n  On the left is the Spa Bridge, and a number of bathing huts are in evidence along the beach:
'In another minute or two, the distant bathing machines would begin to move, and then the elderly gentlemen of regular habits, and sober Quaker ladies would be coming to take their salutary morning walks.' 
. . .  Agnes Grey
Wood's Lodgings from sea (1843)

When Anne spent her last few days here in 1849, she stayed at 'No. 2, The Cliff': the older, left-hand side block (beneath the L/H asterisk) contained suites No.1 and No.2; however, the two cottages at the opposite end (beneath the R/H asterisk) where also numbered '1' and '2' - it is not certain in which 'No.2' Anne stayed. If it was in the main building (on the left) it seems likely that she stayed on the central floors (her sitting room was one floor below her bedroom).61n

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