The Spa Bridge
The Cliff Bridge (pre - 1842) The Spa Bridge (1997)

The old picture shows the Spa Bridge (or 'Cliff Bridge' as it was then known) sometime between 1829 and 1842.17n  On the extreme left is the Rotunda Museum, and just to the right of this, on the Cliff, is the early Wood's Lodgings building. The sea and castle can be seen beyond the bridge.

The modern picture shows the view across the bridge from one of the upper balconies of the Grand Hotel (which now stands on the site of Wood's Lodgings), and the Spa Complex buildings (stood on the site of the old Gothic Saloon) can be seen on the left. The 'South Cliff' extends from the Spa Bridge to well beyond what can be seen in this photograph; and among the greenery, though not visible here, are a myriad of pathways that twist and weave their way in and out of the wooded areas that are scattered along the uneven slopes. Some of these paths emerge onto slight plateaus that jut out from the general line of the cliffs, and tower above the sands - giving magnificent views back across the bay towards the castle. Anne would have taken many walks along these pathways.18n

(Direction of views on map:
Left view: lower left towards upper right.     
Right view: top towards bottom.)

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