St. Mary's Church and the 'South Bay'
St. Mary's Church/South Bay - viewed from castle

Viewed from beside the castle wall, looking in a south-west direction, this scene shows part of Scarborough's 'South Bay' with St. Mary's Church on the right. The Grand Hotel (site of Wood's Lodgings) and Anne's grave are indicated.
(Direction of view on map: upper right towards lower left.)

St. Mary's Church/Castle (1899) LEFT: St. Mary's Church viewed from the opposite direction, with Scarborough's castle crowning the headland in the background. The sea beyond, and below the cliff surrounds the headland, and spans the South Bay - down to the right. On the left is Castle Road: the distant, steeper section, rising towards the castle keep and beyond - into the confines of the ancient fortress, was once known as Castle Hill. (Seen here in 1899.)
' . . . as we came in sight of the venerable old church and the castle hill, with the deep blue sea beyond it, . . . '    . . . Agnes Grey.

(Direction of view on map: left towards right.)

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