The North Bay

Scarborough's North Bay  (1860)

This sketch is dated '22 May 1860', and shows the development that had taken place on 'North Cliff' since building had commenced there in 1844. The road which eventually ran in front of these buildings was named North Marine Terrace, but is now called 'Queen's Parade'. It was almost certainly one of these houses that was owned by Anne's former school mistress, Margaret Wooler, and that Miss Wooler had offered the Brontë/Nussey party as lodgings on hearing of their planned visit in 1849. The offer was respectfully refused, as Anne wanted to stay in the part of Scarborough she new and loved - the South Bay. It was around mid-May (1849) when Charlotte wrote to Ellen, informing her that lodgings had booked at No: 2 Cliff (Wood's Lodgings), she went on:

'. . . It would not have done to have taken lodgings either in the town or on the bleak steep coast, where Miss Wooler's house is situated. If Anne is to get any good she must have every advantage. . . ' 4

As it transpired, Miss Wooler was staying in this house when Anne spent her last few days at the resort. Other than Charlotte and Ellen Nussey, she was the only other mourner to attend Anne's funeral.

Scarborough's North Bay (pre 1907)

This picture was taken around the turn of the century,5n  and from Royal Albert Drive - the road which forms the promenade around Scarborough's North Bay (though no road existed here until 1890). The reproduction is from an old postcard on which is inscribed: 'A rough sea in the North Bay, Scarborough'; however, even on relatively calm days, in the height of summer, scenes such as these are commonplace along various sections of Scarborough's shoreline. Holidaymakers are frequently treated to spectacular displays of thunderous water-jets spraying many yards into the air, and crashing down across the pathways and roads. Anne would have been enthralled by these dramatic spectacles which she was certain to have witnessed over the lengthily periods she spent at the resort.6n

Just as in all other areas of Scarborough, much development has taken place in the North Bay over the years, though it remains the more reserved side of the resort.

 (Direction of view on map: top towards bottom.)

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