Anne Brontë's Grave - Stereoscope (3D) Views
N.B: No viewing aids are required to view these 'stereoscope' pictures in perfect 3D!



Anne's grave and the castle - 3D picture  (1998)

Anne's grave is the light-grey coloured one - just left of centre. St. Mary's Church lies directly behind the camera. On the left, Castle Road can be seen making its way up to the castle entrance. This section of road was once known as 'Castle Hill', and forms the setting for one of the concluding scenes in Anne's novel, Agnes Grey.

Anne's grave with flower bouquets - 3D picture (18 September 99)

A closer view of the grave: this one was taken on 18 September 1999. Three unlabelled flower bouquets had been placed on the grave.

Anne's grave and the castle - 3D picture  (1998)

In this view, taken in 1998, the old 'Castle Hill' can be seen on the right.

Anne's grave and the South Bay - 3D picture  (1998)

This picture shows the befitting location Charlotte chose for Anne's grave (in the foreground) - overlooking the 'South Sands' where Anne loved so much to walk beside the sea. A large section of the penultimate chapter, 'The Sands', of Agnes Grey is set on this beach (though, in this picture, the beach is obscured by the high-tide). The hill, on the distant right, is called Oliver's Mount: spectacular aerial views over Scarborough are obtained from it's summit. It was almost certainly a walk along one of the lanes leading to and up this hill, that Anne was describing in her poem, 'The Bluebell' (written August 22 1840): 28n

That day along a sunny road
All carelessly I strayed,
Between two banks where smiling flowers
Their varied hues displayed.
Before me rose a lofty hill,
Behind me lay the sea, . . . 

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