Henry Wyatt's 'Gothic Saloon' / The Spa Buildings / The 'Spa Wells'
Henry Wyatt's 'Gothic Saloon'  (c.1839) The current 'Spa' buildings (1997)

The picture on the left shows Henry Wyatt's 'Gothic Saloon' which opened on 16 August 1839 - the year before Anne's first visit to Scarborough. On the extreme right of this picture is the Cliff Bridge (now Spa Bridge): above and to the left of this can be seen the tower of Christ Church (indicated) at the top of Vernon Place (now Vernon Road). The photograph on the right shows the current Spa Complex buildings standing on the site of the old saloon (June 1997).

(Direction of view on map: lower right towards upper left.)

South Bay view from 'Gothic Saloon'  (c.1845) Same view (1997)

The old drawing, produced around 1845, was sketched from a bridge-like structure that led from the cliff pathway to the roof of the Gothic Saloon. On the skyline, extreme left, can be seen Wood's Lodgings with the castle on the right. In the foreground is the entrance to the underground room which contained the Spa Wells. The photograph on the right shows the same view in 1997 (taken at 7.30 a.m. - hence the desolate appearance!)

(Direction of view on map: lower left towards upper right.)

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