Christ Church
Christ Church - Vernon Place (c.1830) Top end of Vernon Road (1996)

Believe it or not, these two views are from almost the same location - and looking in the same direction. The old sketch shows Christ Church on Vernon Place (now Vernon Road) shortly after its erection in 1826 - 1828. In the modern photograph, the white asterisk (left of centre) indicates the site of the old church, which was demolished in October 1979. For location purposes, the castle and St. Mary's Church are approximately one mile beyond and to the right of the buildings seen here. The South Bay is about a quarter of a mile behind and to the right of the photographer. If one were to travel about 200 yards along the road to the right of this roundabout, then turn 90° to the right, they would be looking into the St. Nicholas Cliff square with the Grand Hotel standing on the left (or Wood's Lodgings if you were back in the 1840s!).

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