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Top end of Vernon Road - Christ Church and Library  (c.1970)
The construction of Christ Church commenced on 26 October
1826, and the church was formally opened on 23 August 1828.
Christ Church and the Odd Fellows Hall  (c.1841)

The photograph above was taken around 1970, and from a little further to the left than the ones on the previous page. It shows the top end of Vernon Road with Christ Church tower, 'towering' above what is the current library building. In the foreground can be seen a car park, the site of which is now occupied by part of the Brunswick Shopping Centre complex.

The sketch on the right shows the 'front' view of Christ Church at the time Anne and the Robinsons attended it - around 1841. Immediately to its right is the 'new and handsome' Odd Fellows' Hall - built in 1840: it is possible that the Robinsons visited this building also, as Mr. Robinson was a subscribing member of the 'Oddfellows' at Thorp Green - it is recorded that sixty of them joined his funeral procession when he died on 5 June 1846.43n  With some modification, this building has now become the Scarborough Library. The site of the church is now occupied by 'Christchurch House' - a building comprising a supermarket and a fish-and-chip restaurant.

Throughout the mid-1800s, at the opening of each season, this church would advertise in the Scarborough Gazette, under the heading 'Additional Services' that: 'The Vicar proposes holding a second Morning Service in Christ Church after the commencement of July and to continue such for 3 or 4 months, so as to accommodate the visitors to Scarborough'.44

The interior of Christ Church (mid-1900s ?)
The Interior of Christ Church (mid-1900s ?)

This was were Anne worshipped with the Robinsons throughout the times they were at Scarborough. During the last few days of her life she several times expressed a wish to attend this church, but was dissuaded by Charlotte who felt she was too weak and frail. Ironically, Anne's wish was finally granted, as her funeral service was conducted here.

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