The Sea-front 'Indoor Seawater Baths'
Indoor Seawater Baths (pre 1877) Same view - 1997

Foreshore Road (modern photograph - right) was opened in 1877. The old photograph was taken sometime before this occasion - when the South Sands encroached right up to the Seawater Baths building (seen on the extreme right - old photo). The imposing Grand Hotel dominates the scene, and the Spa Bridge can be seen just to the left of it.  The modern photograph was taken around 7 a.m. - before the abundance of holidaymakers had risen and swarmed the area. 'Nothing else was stirring - no living creature was visible besides myself.', declared Agnes Grey as (in Anne's novel) she took a very early morning stroll along the South Sands. This 'Seawater Baths' building is situated directly at the bottom of Bland's Cliff (indicated on map), and was built in 1868 as home to the 'Scarborough Public Bath Company Limited': it is currently occupied by Corrigan's amusement arcade (modern photograph).

Vickerman's Baths

During the 1840s - when Anne visited Scarborough, the 'sea-front' baths (shown opposite) were situated a few hundred yards further along the beach - amongst the trees seen in the photographs above (this side of the Grand Hotel): the actual site is indicated by a white asterisk in the old photograph; and these are the baths that are highlighted on the map. This sketch was executed from the beach, with the sea directly behind the artist (c.1841). The buildings behind and to the right of the baths (as seen here) are the 'Marine Houses'.15n  It is quite possible that Anne visited these baths while at Scarborough with the Robinsons.16n

Vickerman's Baths (c.1841)

(Direction of view (top pics) on map: upper right towards lower left.)

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