Travis's Baths
Travis' Baths (c.1841)

This illustration shows Travis' Baths - situated at the top end of St. Nicholas Cliff - little over 100 yards from Wood's Lodgings, which can actually be seen in the background - to the right of the baths. It is very likely that Anne bathed here with the Robinsons; and these are probably the baths she attended alone, at her own insistence, a few days before she died.10n  The building does not exist today.11n  This sketch shows the view down into St. Nicholas Cliff (on the right), with the sea and cliffs in the distance - beyond Wood's Lodgings. The illustration was sketched around 1841, and appeared in various editions of 'Theakston's Guide' (at Scarborough) throughout the 1840s.12n  Theakston's also presented this description with the illustration:


This respectable establishment, situate at the entrance to St. Nicholas' Cliff, was originally opened in 1798. It has since been re-built, and the interior fitted up with every attention to comfort and elegance. The Baths are of wood and marble, and are adapted either for plunging, sitting, or the recumbent position. Every tide, these baths are supplied with pure sea water, and admit of every variety of temperature. Rooms are also fitted up for Steam, the Douche, and Shower Baths.

The sea-water for the three baths in this locality would have been transported beneath the 'Cliff Bridge' (now Spa Bridge), and up Falconer's Road (now Vernon Road). In Agnes Grey, after a walk along the sands, Agnes mentions turning around to see 'one water-cart coming out of the town to fetch water for the baths'.

(Direction of view on map: upper left towards lower right.)

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