Harland's Baths
Harland's Baths (c.1841) Top end of Vernon Road (1996)

The sketch on the left shows Harland's Baths at the corner of Falconer's Road (The 'New Road' - to the right) and Vernon Place (now Vernon Road - on the left). Winifred Gerin, one of Anne's biographers, suggests that these were the baths Anne attended alone (at her own insistence) a few days before she died; however, study of the contemporary, local baths indicates that this may not be the case.8n  However, it is certainly a possibility that Anne attended these baths when she visited Scarborough with the Robinsons during the early 1840s.9n  The photograph on the right shows the same view today (though taken from about fifteen yards further to the left) with a car showroom standing on the site of the old baths. A white asterisk in the modern photograph (just left of centre) indicates the site of Christ Church (where Anne and the Robinson's worshipped, and ultimately where Anne's funeral was conducted), the tower of which can be seen above the buildings in the old sketch.

This illustration was sketched around 1841, and appeared in various editions of Theakston's Guide (Scarborough) throughout the 1840s. Along with the sketch is the following description:


This commodious and elegant establishment is situated in the New Road, near to Vernon Place. The interior of the Baths is fitted up with considerable taste, and the edifice has been much enlarged, and the accommodation for visitors augmented. The Baths are constantly supplied with pure sea-water, and no expence (sic) has been spared by the proprietor to render them worthy of an enlarged share of public support.

 (Direction of view on map: lower right towards upper left.)

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