Champley's Baths
Champley's Baths (c.1841)

Located on Falconer's Road, almost directly opposite Harland's Baths on the corner of Vernon Place (though the entrance, as seen here, may have been via a small 'back' street near the top of St. Nicholas Cliff (see Scarborough maps of 1842/1845). These are another contender for being the Baths that Anne attended alone (at her own insistence) a few days before she died. The direction of this view is difficult to ascertain: possibly it is towards Belvoir Terrace/The Crescent (on which stands the large building - far left), with Wood's Lodgings and St. Nicholas Cliff a little way behind the artist (Harland's baths would be just of the picture - to the right). The building does not exist today. Like the illustrations for the other baths in this locality, it was sketched around 1841, and appeared in a number of Theakston's Guides (at Scarborough) throughout the 1840s. Theakston's also gives this description of these baths:

Champley's Baths

Occupy a situation between the Cliff and Belvoir Terrace. It is a new and elegant building, and commands a beautiful and charming prospect of the adjoining country. These baths possess all the accommodations of the others, with what some may consider an additional advantage - one suite of rooms for ladies, and another for gentlemen.

(Direction of view on map: possibly - right towards left.)

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