Map showing location of the 'Chapter Coffee House'
(Drawn by Patrick Brontë)

If you are planning a visit to the Paternoster Road area - this map may help you locate the site of the old Chapter Coffee House (the actual building has long since been demolished). (Sorry folks - I've not visited this area for many years, and consequently have not been able to test this map out! If you do visit - and use this map, I'd be pleased to hear of your experiences).

Map showing the location of the Chapter Coffee House

In this map, St. Paul's Cathedral is situated roughly where are the words: 'St. Paul's church yard' - Patrick does not appear to have drawn in the building. His note along the bottom reads:

'N.B. The dotted line shows a carriage road'

- then indicates that two large dots close together indicate 'posts'.

Warwick Lane, Ave Maria Lane, Amen Corner and Ludgate Hill remain today; but, it appears, Paternoster Row itself has been slightly re-shaped, and the central section has become a 'Paternoster Square'. This 'Square' may cover the site of the old 'Coffee House' (or is at least very close to it).

'Lovells Court' (if I've read Patrick's writing correctly) seems to no longer exist: 'Cheapside' now takes a different route to that shown on this map.

Aylott & Jones publishers (who published Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell) were located at No. 8, Paternoster Row: unfortunately, Patrick's map gives no indication as to where this was!

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