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On Tue May 10 12:53:05 GMT 2005, Flavio Boarini (Brazil - said:

What Writer!!!

On Sat Jul 09 22:36:27 GMT 2005, Pamela (Great Britain. said:

How Wonderful! What a truly inspiring tribute to Emily's soul-mate. Best wishes. Pam.

On Sun Jul 17 19:59:12 GMT 2005, Frank Stoddert Johns, II ( said:

I will be teaching a class on Anne Bronte with emphasis on "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall." I have been using Juliet Barker's "The Brontes" as a source of biographical material. I have not read the Guerin book. Would you recommend any other sources, I am not in a position to visit the Museum. Thank you, Frank Johns.

On Wed Aug 10 05:12:45 GMT 2005, Janice Mather (Arkansas, USA) said:

Will be visiting Bronte's Yorkshire at the end of Aug., 2005. Thanks for all the information and pictures.

On Mon, 5 Sep 2005 06:35:12 GMT 2005, MISS.FERESHTAH.REZAEI (IRAN -                                                                     ****FERESHTAH_REZAI@YAHOO.COM) said:


On Wed, 7 Sep 2005 15:29:31 GMT 2005, Shirley Slade (Honduras, C.A: said:

I love all of the Brontë sisters work. I have a great feeling for that time period.

On Fri, 23 Sep 2005 07:06:10 GMT 2005, Mynde Siers ( said:

This is a wonderful, informational website! I am so glad to have found it and I thank you for all the knowledge you've given me of Anne Bronte.

On Sun, 16 Oct 2005 01:23:35 GMT 2005, silvia didilica ( said:

It`s realy great what you did thank you for a such opportunity of enjoying English literature

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 01:26:45 GMT 2005, Terri Shrubb ( said:

Thankyou for this wonderful site which I have only just now come across. I have enjoyed finding out more about Anne Bronte from this informative and concise site.

On Wed, 2 Nov 2005 23:52:20 GMT 2005, JOHN BUTCHER (ENGLAND EMR1967@AOL.COM) said:


On Wed, 30 Nov 2005 15:38:58 GMT 2005, Allisha (England) said:

Anne Bronte is a talented, inspiring artist of words.

On Wed, 4 Jan 2006 16:10:40 GMT 2005, Scott Rice ( said:

A splendid site, one that attempts to redress the injustice done to the underrated Bronte. "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" rivals the best work of Charlotte and Emily. Also, Anne seems to be the one Bronte sister aware that men and women actually have physical relationships.

On Sun April 02 2006 @ 13:07, Alison Scotland (Location: UK | Email: N/A  ) said:

I first signed the guestbook back in June I'm signing again, just to let you know that I'm still enjoying your site every bit as much!

Best Wishes,


On Sat April 29 2006 @ 13:57, Tigger556564 (Location: Doncaster, UK | Email: N/A) said:

Have just found your website whilst looking for the origin of name Olivers Mount havent found it yet as am enjoying your writings and photographs so much am loath to leave without reading everything.
Thank you for allowing me to access it and bring back many happy memories spent in Scarborough. I live in Doncaster so all places menioned are very familiar to me.

On Tue May 02 2006 @ 09:35, Margaret Gill (Location: Sth. Fremantle, West Australia | Email: said:

Dear Mick,

I found your wonderful site with the information about Anne Bronte when looking for my ancestors. My great grandmother Maria Kirby was born in Little Ouseburn. I knew nothing about this village until I found your site. I am also a Bronte fan and of course now have even more reasons to want to visit Yorkshire once more. I was born near Leeds and, as a young girl, I emigrated with my parents to Australia in 1950. I have wonderful memories of my childhood and our annual visits to Scarborough. I visited four years ago and made my first pilgrimage to Haworth, so next time it will be to Little Ouseburn and Thorp Green but first I will re read Agnes Grey. Many thanks for giving me so much pleasure.

Margaret, South Fremantle, West Australia

On Mon Sept 11 2006 @ 15:12, Iris Marques (Location: Spain | Email: said:

Congratulations for this fantastic web site! I have seen images that I had never seen before and it's very beautifiully made!


On Fri Sept 15 2006 @ 13:43, Angela High (Location: UK | Email: said:

Going to visit Anne Bronte's grave this coming weekend, enjoyed reading all about her family. It was very interesting read. Ange and Ema.

Ah! We nearly met! I have been holidaying in Scarborough this week, and was at Anne's grave this very morning (Fri)   ;^)   Thanks for your comments, and I hope you enjoy your visit to Anne's grave. Regards . . . Mick.

On Mon Sept 18 2006 @ 11:35, Lila (Location: India | Email: said:

Thankyou for this wonderful webpage! I am currently re-reading Agnes Grey and the locations mentioned in your page make my reading more enjoyable. Hope to visit Bronte country someday :-)

On Sun Nov 26 2006 @ 09:15, Kim Karlsvik (Location: Not specified | Email: said:

What a wonderful site. I come here and I get lost in it and the hours seem to creep by. An amazing job! Anne is my favorite Bronte and she's overlooked I think. I adore her work.
Kim Karlsvik

On Thu Jun 26 2007 @ 21:22, Leslie Stanley (Location: Aylesham, Kent | Email: said:

Hi There
This is a wonderful web site, thank you very much, it has given me the wants I will need to leave my home in Aylesham near Canterbury Kent for another visit to the land Anne so loved.

Best regards

Leslie G Stanley RV
Principal of Channel Valuation Services

On Sat Oct 13 2007 @ 23:24, Renee Ann Hemmingway (Location: Leeds, Yorkshire | Email: said:

An echanting research of Anne's literary heritage spoken through her love of the Scarborough which she loved (ie Agnes Grey) I will be going to live there soon....! Thanks Mick for all your work.
Hi Renee: Thanks for your comments. I envy you - living in Scarborough! I take regular holidays there - a beautiful place! . . . Regards, Mick!

On Tue Oct 23 2007 @ 21:57, Christina Radwell (Location: DOB 6/21 | Email: said:

I saw a movie on AMC a while ago, now I think it was about the sisters... don't know what it was called.

On Thur Nov 11 2009 @ 17:39, Ed Beach (Location: Oklahoma, USA | Email: said:
While Googling info on Anne Bronte I came across your website. What a treasure! I surely enjoyed the in depth information on Ms. Bronte, the lovely poems written by your Dad, and the story of the Sheffield flood. I am fascinated to know where your interests in Anne Bronte comes from? As for me, I have just introduced myself to her work by choosing Agnes Grey as my classic monthly read. Thank you for including her poetry. They are a delight to read and was touched by her last poem: Last Lines.
Regards, Ed Beach Oklahoma, USA
Thanks for your comments, Ed. 'I am fascinated to know where your interests in Anne Bronte comes from?' - That's an easy one to answer: The Scarborough Connection!  I (and my family) have always loved Scarborough, and we take holidays there every year. I had often seen Anne's grave at the resort, but for many years knew virtually nothing about her. One day I read, in the local (Scarborough) church, an account of Anne's connections with the town, and how she came to be buried there. The account enticed me to visit her former home - the parsonage in Haworth (now the 'Bronte Parsonage Museum'). That visit triggered my interest in the incredibly fascinating life-story of the entire Bronte family (something that has happened to many Bronte scholars), but from the 'Scarborough connection' - and a great admiration of her writings, my main interest remained with Anne. The rest, as they say, is history!
Regards, Mick.

On Sun Jan 03 2009 @ 19:56, Les Stanley (Location: Not Given | Email: said:

Hi there
I am very impressed with your web site regarding Thorpe Underwood Hall. I first visited the hall in 1969.
Sir and Lady Lancaster-Hay made be very welcome, allowing me to roam freely around the house and the grounds, their house keeper lived in the 'Monks lodge' the house that Branwell Bronté lodged at, she gave me tea that evening.
I have many letters from Lady Lancaster-Hay including one telling me she had to 'sell her lovely wonderful home', this after sir had died.
Anyway thank you for your very welcome web site.

On Fri Jul 29 2011 @ 15:44, Cecilia (Location: Buenos Aires| Email: said:


I am a 22-year old student from Buenos Aires, Argentina who fell for the Brontës (specially Anne) and I wanted to say that your site is incredible. I learned lots of new things about Anne and that makes me happy because she doesn't get all the recognition she deserves.

Kind regards,


On Sun Jul 31 2011 @ 07:37, Patricial Crown (Location: Sydney, Australia | Email: said:

I looked up Anne Bronte because of the film 'Devotion'. I realise that this is just fiction, but it prompted me to look up Anne.

On Tue Mar 06 2012 @ 02:04, Penny Cohen (Location: Midway Point, Tasmania | Email: said:

I have just passed a fascinating few hours on this website. It is a wonderful tribute to the most underrated of the Bronte sisters. I am putting together a course on 'governessing' and thought that I would be unable to find enough information on Anne, compared to Charlotte.

You have created a fine resource and the love you have for the subject shows through.
Penny Cohen

On Wed Jul 18 2012 @ 00:16, Anthea Clarke (Location: Devon, England | Email: said:

Thank you for this interesting web site. The Brontes, their lives, works and times greatly influenced my own youth. Now, after a lifetime of ‘other things’, your web site has inspired me to re-visit these treasured old friends. I look forward to renewing my acquaintance with them and discovering whether or not they, or I have changed along the way!

On Mon Oct 1 2012 @ 14:19, Trudy Brasure (Location: San Francisco area| Email: said:
Dear Mr. Armitage,
Thank you for this comprehensive website concerning Anne's Scarborough connection. Your site has been wonderfully helpful in setting the scene for a novel I am writing in which my characters will honeymoon at Wood's Lodging and explore the area in September of 1851.
I am curious about the particulars of staying at lodgings such as the one Anne stayed in. Such accommodations seemed to be the precursor to the modern-day hotel. The hotel era seems to begin in earnest only a decade or so after Anne's passing, as evidenced in the construction of the Grand Hotel and others throughout England.
Thank you again for all the photos, drawings, quotes, and descriptions of the places and scenes of Scarborough. I must plan to someday visit the place which is now becoming so real in my mind's eye! And now I am also thoroughly curious to read "Agnes Grey" and "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall."
-Trudy Brasure
Vallejo, California

On Sun May 1 2016 @ 22:57, Diane Hallaways (Location: Ganton, Scarborough| Email: said:

From : Diane Hallaways
Ganton, Scarborough
Thank you for your very informative website. I particularly enjoyed the pages about your trip to Thorp Green. I have visited the village and Little Ouseburn church with my father; we have relatives buried in the graveyard. I have two branches of my family who were resident in Thorp Green at a similar time to Ann Brontë. In the 1841 and 1851 census’ you will find the Hallaways family (from my fathers side) and the Leeming family (from my mothers side, living in one of the stripe houses, which you describe). Ann must have moved to the village after the 1841 census was taken on 7th June 1841. The Hallaways and Leeming families must have known each other but they did not unite until my parents married in 1963. We still have the pleasure of living in the Scarborough area. I have corrected the Brontë 1841 census entry on the Ancestry website to reflect the correct spelling of their surname.

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