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On Thu Mar 18 18:28:38 GMT 2004, Rose ( from said:

I am a high school senior. I have a paper to do on the Tenat of Wildfell Hall your web site has been very helpfull. thanks. I love her book. I will visit Enlgand this summer I cant wait. I live in the U.S.

On Thu Mar 25 19:41:47 GMT 2004, Drew Hill ( from said:

She was a very good woman

On Wed Apr 14 19:58:14 BST 2004, Julie Scowcroft (UK from said:

This is the best site I have seen regarding the Bronte's and the Scarborough connection. I have just returned from Scarborough and seing the pictures of times gone by are amazing. You have obviously put a lot of time and work into this and I just want you to know it is appreciated.


On Tue Apr 20 20:34:27 BST 2004, Sue Skilton ( from said:

Having just spent a holiday in Scarborough during which we accidentally came across Anne's grave, I am very grateful to your excellent site for the information it supplies. You have filled in the missing parts of the picture, thanks!

On Thu May 6 10:49:51 BST 2004, Rachel Harker ( from said:

I'm preparing a proposal for a dissertation on The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and I have found this website an excellent starting point for my studies. It is a very comprehensive and informative site. It is lovely to see this amount of space used for a writer who I believe has been sidelined far too often.


On Thu May 6 21:16:19 BST 2004, Diane M denton (USA / from said:

I have been to Scarborough and Anne's grave. It was in 1974 and although it was a very special experience for me (since I was a young girl, the Brontes have always been a profoundly inspirational spiritual and creative connection for me), it is only since then that I have understood how deeply I "belong" to this place and Anne’s own love of it (this experience is included in a novel I am writing).

I hope to return one day-it will surely be a pilgrimage! (I lived in Oxfordshire England for 16 years, and the entire northeast coast of England, from Yorkshire northwards, was my happiest travels there). Thank you for your wonderful site!

On Wed May 12 20:33:30 BST 2004, Richard ( from said:

This is the great site about Bronte sisters...

I was born in China but right now lived in US. I read Bronte sister's "Jane Eyre" and "Wuthering Heights" about 20 years ago, of course in Chinese translated version, at that time not knowig too much about Bronte sisters in details, including the youngest Anne. Just had the little imagnation about old England's life & story...At that time, I was even not knowing too much of English. I was linked to your site because of the song "Scarborough Fair", this song was so beautiful when I first heard in more than 20 years ago, It's always my favorite. Eventually this song leads me always want to search more about the background of this song and this resort city. Now, from your site I knew more about Scarborough and the connection with Bronte's sisters. What a conincidence or what a surprise! All pieces are now gradually put together so I just feel so graceful...from the song back to Chinese version Bronte sister's works, then to their youngest Annie's connection to this city which ultimately is my favorite song echoed about.

Thanks very much and really appreciate your huge efforts on doing this. I will travel to Scarborough on someday, after read "Agnes Grey", this time might be original English works...doesn't matter, can't helping to see Scarborough. Hopefully some kind of fair is still going on there.

On Wed May 19 21:21:31 BST 2004, raven (unitedstates from said:

you are smart, cool

On Thu Aug 5 23:14:09 BST 2004, F Cramer (USA from said:

Thank you for this lovely site. The Bronte's continue to be a fascination for many of us. My two favorite Bronte novels, "Jane Eyre" and "Agnes Gray", read at age thirteen, still hold a melancholy place in my heart. That heart being sixty now.

Franki Cramer

On Mon Aug 16 00:52:16 BST 2004, john butcher (england from said:

hello my name is john butcher from york. i went to bording school near scarborough and i have been to see anne bronte's grave in scarborough. i just want to say how good your website is: there is lots of good reading on it and the pictures are brilliant too.

please can i say hello to mrs baxter in east ayton. she was my teacher at brompton hall school - shes the one that took me to see anne bronte's grave.

On Thu Sep 23 04:04:23 BST 2004, ann butcher (england from said:

i just want to say how good your website is. it is brilliant.

On Fri Sep 24 15:48:09 BST 2004, MEGAN RICHARDSON (ENGLAND EMR1967@AOL.COM) from said:


On Sat Sep 25 12:41:27 BST 2004, ELAINE RICHARDSON (ENGLAND EMR1967@AOL.COM) from said:


Thanks for your comments, Ann, Megan, and Elaine - much appreciated!   . . . Mick.

On Fri Oct 8 16:46:05 BST 2004, Ciera Anderson (United States) from said:

You were a great person! And you had great poems. Your friend, Ciera

On Tue Oct 12 14:44:00 BST 2004, Ciera Anderson (United States) from said:

You're fabulous with your work! Keep trying. The most excitement was when I got to sign your guest book. I'm waiting to see more work of yours. Your Friend Ciera!

On Wed Oct 13 15:28:05 BST 2004, Stephen S. Demko ( USA) from said:

About three years ago I stumbled onto Anne Bronte through one of the on-line book sites. I had taken an interest in Victorian women writers after deciding men were incapable of writing convincingly of women's thought processes and emotional excursions. But I found the endings of most of them to be unsatisfying. I tend to believe that pressures from publishers for a certain conformance lay behind this being so.

Long ago I had read Wuthering Heights so I had a foundation regarding the Bronte sisters.After reading Anne Grey with satisfaction, I moved on to Wildfell Hall. What a revelation! An incurable romantic had just received a jolt like breathing from an oxygen bottle! Never mind the dozens of previous novels I had consumed! Wildfell Hall vaulted to the top of my pantheon. The ending encompassing Chapters 51 through 53 is positively ethereal. Anne Bronte is my literary saint.

I've treated myself to reading those three chapters aloud in the evening in the great room by the firelight only and maybe a glass of wine. I can't imagine a better way to be good to myself!

Thanks for this website giving Anne Bronte this recognition of genius she too long has been denied! It's dizzying to me to entertain the thoughs of what further raptures humanity lost upon the end of her too too short life!

On Tue Oct 26 12:28:47 BST 2004, JUDY HERRON ( in the usa) said:

i am just starting to understand the bronte sisters and love this site and all info on anne. judy

On Wed Nov 3 21:06:35 GMT 2004, Heidi (Lincolnshire, uk) from said:

I have been up to her grave in Scarborough many times, she has such a lovely spot.

On Sat Nov 27 15:15:31 GMT 2004, megan richardson (england from said:

hello my name is megan from york in north yorkshire.

i like the bronte sisters a lot and i think that your website is good.

keep up the good work.

On Mon Nov 29 00:25:24 GMT 2004, Edd Utley (Tennessee, USA, from said:

The web site is outstanding!

I am tied to West Yorkshire, thru the Borough of Utley, now part of Keighley.

On Sat Dec 18 09:54:47 GMT 2004, anthony cavanagh (england from said:

this is one of the best sites i have ever visited worthy of anne bronte

On Mon Feb 28 16:05:23 GMT 2005, Joy Ravenhill (UK from said:

What an interesting site. Always been a fan of the Bronte's but more so now. I have been tracing my ancestors and discovered that for quite some years they worked for Mrs Robinson at Thorpe Green Hall. I was totally fascinated by the Tour and now feel I must go and see for myself.

On Mon April 04 20:15:15 GMT 2005, Suzanne Gallant ( said:

What a monument to Anne Bronte and indeed to the Bronte family! Your website is a loving, extraordinary work itself and I will be visiting it soon again!

On Thu April 07 09:29:38 GMT 2005, Betty Ernst (USA said:

I spend a lot of time surfing for literary web sites, and this one kept me interested for hours. What a tribute to this talented family. Thank you.

On Thu April 28 19:22:28 GMT 2005, Ken Greenwood (British Columbia, since 1962) said:

Thank you. Much appreciated. Born in Keighley, 1939. Grew up in Oxenhope, then Hebden Bridge. Then London (university) 1958-61. Have just read "The Tenant of W. H." Spent time in Haworth as a child, staying through the gap in the building right opposite the Bull. (With Tom Wildman & family.) Men's clothier.
My dad was also a friend of Seth Snowdon, green grocer. I lived at the Waggon & Horses above Oxenhope on the Hebden Bridge road, 1947-1950. Loved it. My dad was a joiner, and worked in the Parsonage in the late 1940s, doing the considerable (post-war) renovations.
Thanks again.
Anne is so easy to love.

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