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On Wed Apr 2 07:19:41 BST 2003, Brian Wade ( from said:

As a member of the hospitality team at St.Mary's Church, Scarborough, which keeps the Church open for visitors during the week (May to September), one of the most frequently asked questions we are asked is where exactly Anne is buried in our churchyard. We will be happy to promote the memory of Anne and will consider any suitable suggestions.

On Wed Apr 2 20:15:09 BST 2003, judy kirby (yorkshire from said:

it was like a breath of fresh air looking at the beautiful photographs of where the bronte sisters spent most of their life and it is so nice when people like yourself give your time and dedication to build a very rewarding web site please keep it up you can bet i will be visiting it again

On Tue Apr 15 16:41:37 BST 2003, Cynthia Coleman (USA( from said:

This website is a great help for my college research paper on the Bronte family. Thank you.

On Wed Apr 23 01:11:49 BST 2003, Nevin (United Stated from said:

Am throughly enjoying this site. It's quite extensive, so I guess I'll have to visit several more times.

On Thu Apr 24 21:56:59 BST 2003, Ken Morvell (Australia - from said:

fascinating and sad story of the Brontes

On Tue Apr 29 00:48:41 BST 2003, Elaine (uk from said:

Thank you for such a brilliant site. I have had a copy of 'Tenant' on my bookshelf for ages but have only just got around to reading it. It is mind blowing and far surpasses her sisters' work. Her insight into human behaviour is amazing and as a Psychology undergraduate I wanted to know more about this amazing author. Your site has answered so many questions I had about her. Can't wait to read 'Agnes'! Thanks again.

On Mon May 19 00:23:19 BST 2003, Doug (England - from said:

In one word, FANTASTIC!!

On Wed May 21 15:22:07 BST 2003, shaun higgins (england from said:

I have always been facinated by the whole history of the bronte family and the people and the places associated with them. My wife and I both recently visited haworth. We found the whole experiance very enlightening and enjoyable. I would like to take this opportunity in saying how much I have thoroughly enjoyed this website on the brontes.

On Sat May 24 20:25:31 BST 2003, Bryan Moiser (Beverley, UK said:

Whenever I visit Scarborough I try to make time to sit by Anne's grave. It is such a tranquil place with the view out over the beach and sea. I thought it was time I found out more about Anne and how she came to rest so far from home at Howarth. I have just spent a very pleasant hour just scratching the surface of Anne's story and will be back for more. Thank you Mr Armitage for your time and inspiration. Thank you Anne for your genius and gentle spirit. Bryan Moiser, East Yorkshire.

On Fri Jun 27 15:33:59 BST 2003, SARAH BARRETT (UK / from said:

I think this is the best website on the Brontes by far. It is very hard to come across anything on Anne as not much is known about her compared to Charlotte and Emily. Mr Armitage has dedicated much of his time and effort into this website and it has certainly paid off. This is a beautiful site, well laid out, easy to use and full of important and relevant information. This is a great memorial to our "dear Anne." Long live Anne!

On Wed Jul 2 10:28:27 BST 2003, katie sellars () from said:

she was a very good writer

On Sat Jul 5 16:50:36 BST 2003, Stephen Jones ( from said:

I have enjoyed the writings of Anne Bronte and they have been of great use in my own writings.

On Tue Jul 8 16:37:07 BST 2003, Jonathan ( from said:

Dear Mick,

Your site is wonderful!

My love of Jane Eyre led me to Charlotte Bronte; and then to the Bronte Group. Now, you've successfully piqued my interest for Anne... One day, and 40 pages, into "The Tenant..." has me already enjoying it very much! I suppose poetry can't be far off.


Jon "the formerly non-literary"

On Sat Jul 19 13:29:52 BST 2003, Colin Wright (England from said:

Of the three sisters, I have always had a soft spot for Anne. I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring your very extensive (and user-friendly site) and will, no doubt, return to it again. It is quite some time since I last visited Anne's grave and I think it is time I made the trip again. Thanks for a terrific site on my favourite Bronte.

On Sun Jul 20 17:28:05 BST 2003, Giovanni Tola (Banari, Sardinia, ITALY) from said:

Anne's books... Full of strong passions, rude pages rich in history, deep in mistery: a very good site for a more good writer! You bet it is.

Saluti dall' Italia!!!

On Tue Aug 5 20:02:20 BST 2003, Emma Thornberg (Kent, England) from said:

Anne Bronte - in my opinion one of the three best writers ever, Anne, Emily and Charlotte. Excellent Books.

On Wed Aug 6 14:29:36 BST 2003, Sarah Webb (England - from said:

Thank you for a fascinating tour of Thorp Green it was so interesting and refreshing. And to see the Bronte sketches by the side of the views as they are today was wonderful. I'm so glad you 'broke' into the school and that you've recovered from your nettle stings.

On Tue Aug 19 04:07:42 BST 2003, vicky wilson-whitford (leicestershire u.k) from said:

Have just found this site - it's very good. I used to live in Scarborough and have visited many of the places Anne loved. I am a fan of the Brontes and am interested in any aspects of their lives.

On Sun Oct 5 19:37:22 BST 2003, Rachel Allen ( Scarborough ( from said:

I really like this site as it has helped learn things about Anne Bronte that ineeded to know for my ICT homework which is to find infomation about a list of objects and people THANK YOU!

On Mon Oct 27 18:45:13 GMT 2003, Carla (U.S. from said:

I had been looking for some book or piece of literature for my critical analysis paper. My teacher recomended the Bronte Sisters. I have chosen Anne's last poem.

On Thu Nov 20 23:45:26 GMT 2003, Betty Lucking (N. Wales ) from said:

Dear Michael,

Your site gives me great pleasure.
The Brontes were such a fascinating family and their sadness and sometimes happiness spills over into their work. Visiting their home one can feel an affinity. I love it. I feel they were sometimes frustrated but overcame it and left us such great stories. You have created a lovely site and tribute to those ladies.


Betty Lucking.

On Thu Dec 25 18:19:40 GMT 2003, Bill ( from said:

This is the first contribution I have made to this message board. (Christmas Day). I think Anne is the most 'normal' of the three sisters. She may not have had the genius (?) of her sisters but I feel that her writings show a lot of humanity; possibly because she might not have been touched by the death of her mother which she would not have been able to remember. I would be interested to hear other peoples's opinion on this.

On Thu Feb 5 02:21:17 GMT 2004, Barbara Berner (USA from said:

The whole journey through life and creation of Anne Bronte was fascinating. I am just in the middle of "Agnes Grey" book reading and something "forced" me to look for Anne in the internet. Now, I hope to visit Scarborough one day. It must be something extremely special about Anne Bronte, that so many people are intersted in her, much more, than in her undoubtly more famous sisters. Thank you very much, that was a real feast.

On Mon Mar 15 20:04:51 GMT 2004, Siri (Norway) from said:

Loved your site! It helped me a lot with my graduation paper on the Brontë sisters, so thank you!

On Tue Mar 16 18:01:07 GMT 2004, marwa (egypt said:

Bronte sisters are real contributers in forming the mentality of our generation

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