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On Wed Mar 20 14:54:24 GMT 2002, natalie Downham () from said:


On Sat Apr 6 23:03:54 BST 2002, Kaeli L. (U.S.A. []) from said:

Wonderful site!!!

On Sun Apr 7 05:05:03 BST 2002, Diane ( from said:

Dear Mike,

Thank you for this wonderful website. I've just devoted an entire evening to visiting it. This is really a labor a love. I share your admiration for Anne, who is by far my favorite Brontë. I also looked at your home page and at your site about the Sheffield flood; I found them both very interesting.


Diane (Montreal, Canada)

P.S.: One of the reasons why Anne's talent is not recognized at all in the French-speaking world is the drab translation of her novels. "Agnes Grey", in particular, becomes almost lifeless in French. When will a French translator do her talent justice? Oh, well... I'm just glad I am bilingual.

On Tue May 14 13:32:17 BST 2002, jason vater ( from said:

truly one of the best historical studys to read about. i've been to haworth to study the bronte's and enjoyed everything about it

On Tue Jun 4 17:01:37 BST 2002, Megan Latta (Charlotte NC, U.S.A.) from said:

Thank you kindly for the wonderful site! I had been browsing out of curiosity after reading "Agnes Grey", but the information and pictures on here made me want more. Fantastic job, keep it up!

On Fri Jun 28 17:45:56 BST 2002, Bettina Licht (Germany, from said:

On September 10th 2002 I'm going to perform a lecture with dia-slides about the three Bronte-sisters. I like your site only about Anne very much, because you meet the Bronte-sisters - in the most cases - as a trio. And Anne always stands in the shadow of her more famous sisters. This is a place, that she not deserves. She is a very talented artist herself. I'm interested in different writers of the 19th century and I made two internetsites - one about Honoré de Balzac, another about Jack London. My next projects are about the Bronte-sisters and in November 2002 about the german writer Wilhelm Hauff. With my experiences in making homepages of Balzac and London I must say, that your Anne-Bronte-page is very good in layout and structure, very easy to handle. If you like to visit my two sites and Herzliche Grueße aus Fulda von Bettina Licht

On Sat Jul 6 02:21:10 BST 2002, Shirley Sebree (U.S.A. Baltimore, Maryland) from said:

I am a big fan of the Bronte Sisters and am glad to have found the website. I have honestly enjoyed it. Thank you so much for a deeper look into their lives. I have enjoyed the pictures as well.

On Tue Jul 9 22:11:020 BST 2002, Duncan Mackay (Australia - said:

Hello and congratulations on your outstanding and enthralling Anne Bronte website. The content and form of your site put most Bronte sites (and indeed most web sites) to shame and I can see I'll be revisiting it many times in the future to see if you've discovered even more fascinating items regarding Anne and her family. Cheers, Duncan Mackay

On Wed Jul 10 18:46:57 BST 2002, norma howlett (united kingdom said:

Thank you so much for your excellent bronte website. It is such a pleasure to visit-so informative and so well put together. Keep up the good work. I was especially pleased to find all of Anne's poems here as I only have a selection of the sisters poems. So once again thank you. Norma

On Thu Jul 25 03:11:34 BST 2002, Agnes Reeves (USA said:

hello, this is the first concise website I have seen concerning Anne Bronte, and I simply love it. The poem analyses are especially the best. I have loved the Brontes for almost a year, since reading Emily's Wuthering Heights in school last year. Then, by recommendation of my own friend, Emily Nagle, I read Jane Eyre. Currently, I have read Agnes Grey, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Shirley and Villette also. My favorites have been The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Jane Eyre, Villette, and Wuthering Heights, but I loved them all! I am going to read The Professor next, and I have aquired a book of their poems, which I will read when I am done reading the biography of Anne by W. Gerin. I used to think Jane Austen was so wonderful an author, but now I see there were and will be no greater female authors than the Brontes. 07-24-02

On Mon Jul 29 04:18:37 BST 2002, audrey jarvis (illinois. usa sorry. no e.mail address) from said:

i have so far spent umpteen hours today enjoying your great site.

On Mon Jul 29 04:27:44 BST 2002, audrey jarvis (illinois. usa sorry, i have no e-mail address) from said:

i am a yorkshire person, born and bred in airedale left the uk in l946. after serving in the women's land army during ww2. have been to haworth several times but that was many years ago, and so i can now enjoy it all over again by scanning your web site. of course it does make me homesick. so maybe i can come over there again. sounds like a super idea. expect me soon. audrey. have a great day, from one limey to another. no insulted intended.

On Tue Sep 10 20:17:58 BST 2002, Jemma (West Yorshire) from said:


On Tue Oct 1 03:08:55 BST 2002, Julie Merkle (U.S) from said:

Thanks for having this great site. I was able to use a lot of the information for my ninth grade honors english research paper. It helped a great deal. I only wished I was Able to use a lot more of all this about Anne in my research paper. Thanks Again!!!   -All the way fom Huntsville Alabama USA

On Wed Oct 30 05:14:49 GMT 2002, Sheryl Stinchcum (USA from said:

I just discovered Anne Bronte. I bought "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" and started reading it. Wow! The first page alone blew me away. I had no idea she was such a great writer. I had always assumed her to be inferior to her sisters, but now I know better. Thank you for your Web site. It's about time Anne Bronte received the recognition she deserves.

On Sat Nov 9 07:58:28 GMT 2002, Catherine ( from said:

Thanks for wonderful information on Bronte sisters. Can anyone enlighten me as to the New Zealand connection referred to in Villette and Agnes Grey. I understand Charlotte had a close friend Mary who emigrated to NZ, also Port Nelson New Zealnd mentioned in Agnes Grey. Any information would be gratefully received with thanks Catherine New Zealand


Hi everyone:

My 'Site Visitor Statistics' program indicated that on 3rd November (2002) there was a tremendous flood of people accessing this web site (338 on that one day!). I wondered whether it had been mentioned in a national newspaper, magazine, or on radio perhaps; however, I have not heard anything to this effect. If anyone has any information on this matter, would they please let me know at this e-mail address:



On Sat Jan 18 00:52:06 GMT 2003, Wm. D. Winschief ( (USA)) from said:

Greetings, In the year 2000, I visited Haworth with a friend who lives at Methley, near Leeds and found myself quite interested in the Brontes. I have since read several of their works and several biographical sketches as well. The life of the Brontes, lacking much formal education and living in relative isolation, seems to fascinate me, as do the various novels and the filmed versions of several of the books.

In time, I hope to return to Yorkshire and revisit Haworth and surrounding areas. I enjoyed visitng this site as well!

Peace & good cheer,

On Tue Mar 4 17:44:06 GMT 2003, Bettina Licht ( from said:

Hello, here is Bettina from Germany again. My Bronte-webpage now is completed. You can find it under  It would be nice, if you add my Bronte-site to your links (its written in German) with best regards yours Bettina Licht

On Fri Mar 7 01:03:09 GMT 2003, Sarah Barrett (England, from said:

Dear, gentle Anne would have loved this site about herself.

I love her and wish I had been her sister. Why did she have to die so young like the others?

I will remember her forever.

From a devoted fan of hers.

On Sun Mar 9 02:27:22 GMT 2003, Abena Anane (Ghana, from said:

To me Anne is the greatest author of all time. Her grasp on religion and life and her way of presenting it to a reader in an inoffensive way are surpassed by no other. I hope one day to read everything she has ever written.

On Sun Mar 9 03:56:12 GMT 2003, Angie (New Zealand ( from said:

This website... an amazing tribute to the most brilliant novelist I have yet encountered... shining with all aspects of the beautiful person she was, which died way too soon! I only hope that more people could realise the beauty of her writings and get as much enjoyment out of an experience of them and her, as I did.

On Thu Mar 13 03:23:11 GMT 2003, Kinda Abujbarah (USA, from said:

I am a junior in the gifted program at my high school. I would like to thank you for this site because it has helped me to not only gain more insight on one of my favorite authors, but it has also been a great resorse for finding information for research papers.

On Tue Mar 18 04:48:53 GMT 2003, Gilbert B. Cross (USA from said:

Mick, I had a link to your page but hadn't looked at it. I feel you've done an extraordinary job. I particularly like the side by side comparison of original and modern pictures. Well done!


On Sat Mar 22 02:50:52 GMT 2003, Charlene Louise Morland (Canada ) from said:


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