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On Mon Jan 15 06:22:20 GMT 2001, John Bakas (USA from said:

I joined the Bronte email group. Thank you for your work and interest that helps preserve their memory.

On Wed Jan 24 03:53:57 GMT 2001, John W. Bakas, Jr. ( from said:

This is an excellent site. Mick's evaluation of Anne is the best. All who admire the Brontes should return to study this site often. Thank you Mick! John Riverview, Florida USA

On Wed Jan 24 04:59:03 GMT 2001, John W. Bakas, Jr. ( from said:

Some may disagree with Mick's conclusion on the question of whether Anne loved Weightman. But if we just let Anne speak for herself, the poet's heart says, "I love you." And if Weightman could speak after hearing each of those poems, he would say, "She loves me still." To me, our task is an easy one, just listen. John W. Bakas, Jr. Riverview, Florida, USA

On Fri Jan 26 16:39:07 GMT 2001, Susie Perkins () from said:

This site is the best I have ever found - will you ever do one of the other Bronte sisters? 'Cos if you did it would be really cool.

On Thu Feb 1 14:22:37 GMT 2001, Ian Slater (England. from said:

Thanks you for running the Bronte group so well, and especially for these pages on my favourite sister (Anne).

On Thu Feb 15 22:44:30 GMT 2001, katie connors (usa from said:

Enjoyed the comprehensive biography.

On Sat Feb 24 03:58:59 GMT 2001, Robert S. Mosr Jr. (Tucson Arizona USA from said:

Many, many Thanks. Bob.

On Sat Mar 3 12:27:41 GMT 2001, Susan Chisum ( from said:


On Wed Mar 14 15:57:57 GMT 2001, Shamika Taylor (United States) from said:

I enjoyed writintg a report on the Bronte sisters!!!!!!!!!!

On Sat Mar 17 00:02:26 GMT 2001, Lisa Kelley (USA from said:

I already had read much of the information about the Bronte's contained here, but I really, really, enjoyed seeing the photos.

On Tue Mar 20 18:38:14 GMT 2001, Jennie Dorwachter ( from said:

Jane Eyre was my favorite book growing up, and after reading your website, I went searching for some of Anne's works. The dynamic between sisters is really fascinating and the information on this site has enhanced my reading of Agnes Grey. I am impressed with the differences (and similarities!) between Agnes Grey and Villette, while I admire both, I especially appreciate Anne's socially conscious standpoint. Thank You.

On Thu Mar 22 07:38:19 GMT 2001, Christabel ( from said:

I am very interested in the Brontes and I am learning about them at school, if possible could you e-mail me some information on Anne Bronte. Thank you.

On Thu Mar 22 21:04:50 GMT 2001, Torsten Kurzmann ( (Germany)) from said:

Inspired by the books, we are going to visit Scarborough.

On Wed Mar 28 20:28:44 BST 2001, Bethany Whatling (Luxembourg from said:

Wassss Upppppp?!?!?! PEOPLE! Cool website.

On Thur Mar 29 19:12:05 BST 2001, Michaela Anne Farrell ( said:

I have to write about a famous person and I chose Anne Bronte because my mum is from Yorkshire and she has been to the Bronte house in Howath and she said she will take me there one day.

On Sun Apr 1 06:38:07 BST 2001, David Talbot ( Cape Breton Island) from said:

This is, by far, the best Bronte site that I have seen anywhere and the most comprehensive. There is more information here than I have seen in any one site and even information that I have never seen before. Thanks alot.

On Sat Apr 7 22:28:09 BST 2001, Monika Park (The Netherlands ( from said:

I keep coming back to this site, so I thought it was about time I told you ..... I love it, Mick!!! Monika

On Sun Apr 8 20:23:17 BST 2001, Michael J-H. Meister (USA-California -- from said:

An outstanding and fascinating website!

On Thu Apr 19 02:36:05 BST 2001, Regina Orlando ( from said:

Dear Mick,
I just found your beautiful web site for Anne Bronte and her sisters. I am moved to tears and so happy to have discovered it. I love the dedication and work you have done. I just started reading the stories and looking at the paintings and photos. The Bronte Sisters especially Charlotte and Emily have always been in my heart and soul since I was 13, that's the age I read Jane Eyre--which is my favorite book. Now I am discovering Anne's work finally. And I wonder myself what took me so long!! As I write I am starting to read Agnes Grey and then plan on reading The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. God Bless Anne! God rest the sacred souls of this gifted and wonderful family. They shall never die as long as we read their work and encourage others to do so.
Thank you Mick--Cheers.

On Sun Apr 29 03:58:19 BST 2001, Bettina Ward ( New Zealand --- ) from said:

A treasure chest of interest and information, I feel that I really know Anne now, Thank you so much for your wonderful effort. Bettina.

On Tue May 1 09:13:19 BST 2001, () from said:

this is an excellent site for senior high-school students-of which i currantly am- for it gives the extra little bit of background material to help us understand the themes and where the brontes were coming from in their novels

On Thu May 24 23:41:22 BST 2001, Emma (United States from said:

I have truly enjoyed this site. I only wish that some was as devoted to Emily. You obviously out in much time and effort. Good luck to you.

On Sun Jun 3 00:35:42 BST 2001, Michael Knaggs (uk - from said:

I'm from scarborough, I originally tapped the word falsgrave into my browser just to see what would brew up and lo and behold part of your site popped up first

its a good site

On Tue Jun 5 22:09:42 BST 2001, barry ( from said:

just moved in red house next to grand ground floor

On Fri Jun 29 20:48:06 BST 2001, Guido Walter (Germany from said:

Hello there,
many thanks for this fine page. I'm a great Bronte-Fan and found your fine page about Anne.
Greetings from Cologne/Germany Guido.

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