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On Tue Dec 28 23:37:10 GMT 1999, T Galvin (England from said:

This is a fantastic website, easy to follow and full of information. I have really enjoyed the journey through time.

On Mon Jan 10 01:26:59 GMT 2000, Eddy Sicolo (Adelaide, Australia. from said:

Great web-site BUT: there is a howling error on the Anne Bronte Grave at Scarborough page. She died in 1849 NOT 1848. Don't be misled by the erroneous date on the headstone. It was Branwell and Emily who died in 1848. I hope you see fit to correct this error. Apart from that, keep up the good work.

Eddy: thanks for your message. I had always hoped people would inform me if they discovered any errors on the site, as I would particularly like to keep it as error-free as possible. However, I have meticulously searched my site for the error you indicate, and can find no trace of it. Presuming you can re-locate the mistake, would you please be more specific as to where it is?
Thanks in advance, Mick.

On Sun Jan 30 01:37:26 GMT 2000, Amanda Mary (America (AmandaWrt@AOL.Com)) from said:

This is the perfect place to learn about Anne Bronte, her life, and her achievements.

On Wed Feb 9 18:27:52 GMT 2000, Leslie Bullock (United States ( from said:

I love her stories. She is one of the best writers of all time.

On Wed Feb 9 18:30:37 GMT 2000, () from said:

This is an excellent website. I never really knew much about Anne. This site has helped me so much. I have really enjoyed this experience, and I'm sure I'll come back many times. I'm going to send information about this site along to my friends.

On Fri Feb 11 18:26:11 GMT 2000, Angelo Davis (USA) from said:

Great Site

On Mon Feb 21 19:03:17 GMT 2000, Anna Steed (U.S. from said:

I read somewhere that Branwell, Emily, and Anne were all murdered by way of poison. The curate, Arthur Nicholls was the murderer of Branwell, Emily, and with the help of Charlotte, Anne. Has anyone else heard this before? I have found a lot of things to support this considering that Branwell, Emily, and Anne were all said to have died of Consumption, and yet on the report, this was never agreed to by any of the doctors. Please write if you have any more comments. Anna.

On Sat Feb 26 03:26:04 GMT 2000, Philip Lovgreen (Whitby, Cheshire, England) from said:

Thank you for letting me read what is a truly brilliant piece of work. I was first introduced to Scarborough in the late 60s and immediately fell in love with the place but unfortunately, through one reason or another, have not been back there since 1980.

When I was introduced to the Brontes in depth in the early 70s, I stumbled across a library book entitled 'The Brontes came here'. By that time it was already out of print, but it gave you details of everywhere that was referred to in the novels under an assumed name eg. Wycoller Hall was Ferndean Manor in Jane Eyre etc. etc. I managed to photocopy it and have it professionally bound and it has had pride of place on my bookshelf ever since.

Again, well done and good luck in your future quests.

Phil Lovgreen e-mail:

On Wed Mar 8 03:05:53 GMT 2000, Melanie ((usa) from said:

what a charming page.. i am reading the tenant right now.. i am so glad someone out the is literary minded. thanks! its a real treat... isn't Anne GREAT! so romantic.. so strong

On Thu Mar 9 10:47:54 GMT 2000, Evelyn Martin (Australia. from said:

I have spent a wonderful couple of evenings viewing this web site. It was a fascinating experience.

On Thu Mar 16 06:03:00 GMT 2000, Christina Teresa (USA / from said:

Wow!! Boy is this sight a site for sore eyes! :-)  It's about time people realized what a great and innovative talent Ms. Anne Bronte was. Thank you so much for your obvious hard work and dedication that made this fantastic website a reality. I have to think that if Ms. Bronte were to see this site she would be a little embarrassed by all the attention (being the modest soul that she was) but extremely flattered by your spectacular efforts. Thanks again!

On Sat Mar 18 10:24:06 GMT 2000, Susie Perkins (Britain) from said:

She was a very special woman. Your site is a wonderful new way of looking at her. Well done!

On Sat Mar 25 15:02:15 GMT 2000, Chris Clark (Australia - from said:

Absolutely brilliant, loved the pictures, loved the lot. Well done and thanx!!!!

On Sat Mar 25 17:53:01 GMT 2000, Natalia ( from said:

On Wed Mar 29 18:43:17 BST 2000, dolce ( from said:

i'm so impressed by the content and presentation of this site. the visual and written content are astounding :) thank you for providing such useful information!

On Thur Mar 30 11:04:32 BST 2000, ed carter (england) from said:

On Thu Apr 6 03:54:13 BST 2000, Donna Orlowski (Liberty, Missouri, USA) from said:

Thank you for a wonderful escape to the world of the Bronte that few can remember. Anne with the violet-blue eyes.

On Mon Apr 10 15:04:36 BST 2000, Pandie (small town in the USA; from said:

this is a great place. i knew a bunch about charlotte and a little about emily (read their works) but nothing about anne. i have now read agnes grey. i love all their writtings. thanks for the information. now you have me hooked on anne.

On Sun Apr 16 17:41:16 BST 2000, JENNY (ENGLAND SHAW@MAXWELL30.GREATXSCAPE.NET) from said:


On Fri Apr 21 21:21:53 BST 2000, Barbara Ward () from said:

I found your site by accident and what a joy it is. I teach at Queen Ethelburga's College on the old Thorp Green site and I have thoroughly enjoyed your history of Anne, particularly the Thorp Green Lane Tour.

On Fri Apr 28 14:43:58 BST 2000, Anthony Moorhouse (Yorkshire from said:

Dear Mick,

Very informative piece of work, congradulations and keep up the good work

On Wed May 3 21:06:12 BST 2000, sharita a. graves ( from said:

damn! anne you had a tough life. i would never wish to be you and in those days especially. you stuck in and still came out on top and best of all remembered, famous.

On Sat May 6 21:41:01 BST 2000, Susie Perkins (Great Britain) from said:

I really like your site and I come here a lot. I find all of your material really cool. Thank you so much for writng it!

On Mon May 15 22:23:26 BST 2000, Daniela Vladimirova (Rome, Italy from said:

Excellent site, Mick. I didn't know it was yours, I actually found out this one before discovering the list (JaneEyre). While you're 'searching and witless' (but kitful), go on creating sites like this. Baci, Dany

On Wed May 24 15:59:57 BST 2000, Suzanne Roderick ( from said:

Magnificent account of Anne's life. Very thorough in all aspects and wonderfully illustrated. I particularly enjoyed the Scarborough 3D pictures being a keen fan of the sands myself.

Kind regards


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