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On Sat Jun 26 15:03:05 BST 1999, Carol Digel ( from said:

Your page is excellent. Fabulous job. Very interesting and informative. I was particularly interested in comments on the texts of Tenant. Answered a lot of my questions. (Darley was Dickens American illustrator)

On Sat Jun 26 15:19:51 BST 1999, Suzanne Rosenthal Shumway (USA from said:

This is a wonderful web site: engaging, thorough, and easy to access. Thanks for providing this resource. Your hard work is appreciated!

On Sat Jun 26 16:27:37 BST 1999, Charlotte Tsoucalas (USA ( from said:

What a remarkable work! I can understand how it consumed you for two years. I am surprised it did not consume you for much longer. Beside the fascinating subject and the thoroughness of the research and writing, your attention to the details of the site, for ease in moving through it and its aesthetic rendering is striking. Would we all have such a two year period of worthwhile productivity. Thanks so much for sharing your wealth of information and perspective.

On Sat Jun 26 16:57:47 BST 1999, Alison Scotland ( from said:

A wonderful site, all your hard work is very much appreciated. A lovely tribute to Anne, loved all the photographs and paintings, and the thorough research that you have done, will be visiting this site again and again.

On Sat Jun 26 23:50:20 BST 1999, Caerano (Canada) from said:

A masterpiece!!!! When will you have this published in book form?? Photography essays marvellous! Find some difficulty reading text because of pink background Michael, will visit many times to fully digest the knowledge and beauty of your opus

On Sun Jun 27 06:08:29 BST 1999, Colin C. Baker ( from said:

Great!Well Done!

On Sun Jun 27 08:38:14 BST 1999, Stella Al-Marri (U.A.E - from said:

Excellent site, Mick - especially liked the meld between the old and new pictures and photos. Took me three hours and I still haven't see it all!

On Mon Jun 28 09:36:52 BST 1999, Marja-Liisa Seppänen (Finland from said:

Another visitor from Finland! I am very delighted at your Anne Bronte page. So much to read and see. I have never been in Scarborough, but twice as near as York and once in Whitby. I wish you a fine summer.
Marja-Liisa Seppänen

On Mon Jun 28 15:57:04 BST 1999, Bart Hansen (USA - from said:

A true labor of love, Mick! Well done. Today I only had time for the Thorp Green tour which was wonderful. Bart Hansen

On Mon Jun 28 17:55:09 BST 1999, Barbara ( from said:

Mick, I enjoyed spending time on your site. I didn't realize there were so many new and original things to be said about Anne Bronte. Your efforts have certainly been worthwhile. After visiting your home page, Ialmost feel like I know you, and I would definitely like to get to know you even better - you seem like such an interesting person. Thank you so much.

On Sun Jul 4 04:19:53 BST 1999, Catherine Meekin (USA, from said:

Were they to give out Oscars for Web-sites, your Anne Bronte Site would win, hands down. How grand of you to share the fruits of your research with us Bronte scholars, on-line. As I wandered through the text and the pictures, I kept thinking, what a great book this would make. Your music is marvelous too!

On Wed Jul 7 16:00:19 BST 1999, Angel-soul (USA from said:

A beautiful tribute to the work of this marvelous lady. THANK you for inviting me and for sharing this! I have added your page to my links on Anne which can be found at

On Tue Jul 20 17:40:03 BST 1999, Clare Grindal (USA from said:

As I am an English major and a high school English teacher, it is always warming that my students can research those authors that are not "worthy" of the anthology. My theory is that one does not know literature unless he/she sees all that is available.

On Fri Jul 23 07:16:44 BST 1999, Marie Hennedy (U.S. from said:

Mick, thank you! I'll be back to enjoy yet more of Anne Bronte's lovely letters. --Marie

On Tue Aug 3 09:31:01 BST 1999, Colin (England ( from said:

Dear Mick, I stumbled across your gem of a site by accident, (looking for Loxley's opening times!). You have made history come alive with your captivating pictures and storytelling. It's an award-deserving site and I'm sure to come back. Thanks.

On Tue Aug 17 15:58:53 BST 1999, Stephen Kowalsky (( from said:

A delightful place to visit! As a recent convert to the works of Anne Bronte your site provides a terrific point-of-departure for questions and research, as well as a medium for the exchange of ideas with those who have more of the author's personal and creative history at their fingertips.

On Sun Sep 12 18:11:51 BST 1999, M. Livingstone (UK from said:

Great, Have no huge interest in Anne Bronte but your choice of illustrations is superb and wholly enjoyable without requiring any prior knowledge of your subject. You have a good sense of what is needed to link information - other web designers would do well to learn from your ideas, using this page as an example.

On Tue Sep 21 04:55:55 BST 1999, Jane Collins (USA from said:

Hello, I have typed in Bronte many many times and tonight is the first that this sight has become known to me. It was so engaging that I have been here for two hours. Next month, October, I am bringing 16 travellers to Yorkshire, traveling to most of the Bronte sights. We have read all of the books and I am just completing Juliet Barker's "Bronte". I have printed out so much of this so that others might enjoy it as we travel to Scarborough on the coach, even your touched up picture of the painting of Anne by Branwell. I have been four times to Haworth and anxious to return and walk on their moors. My passion is your passion and thank you for devoting all of your precious time to this. Cheers. Jane Collins.

On Mon Oct 11 17:23:40 BST 1999, Daniel (USA from said:

A really great creation here! I am glad someone finally created a site devoted to the so-called "ungifted one", Anne Bronte. This is an amazing work. The pictures and text ring very true and are brilliantly placed out before you. Fantastic graphics, easy access, and greatly interesting! I have read and respected Anne's work for years now and in this site there are some pictures I have NEVER seen before! A fascinating undertaking and a job well done! Excellent!

On Tue Oct 12 02:58:15 BST 1999, Janet Hodge (USA from said:

I will be making a trip to the Bronte country on Oct 14th for two weeks. I'm glad that I had a chance to digest all the information I found on this site. It was very interesting. Thanks for all the efford al you put into it.

On Sat Oct 30 22:15:31 BST 1999, dianne scattergood (England from said:

The site is very good, I really liked browsing through. I love reading about Anne Bronte and her family, and also love Scarborough which I often visit as my son moved there about a year ago from Nottingham. My favourite place is to sit on the seat next to Anne's grave, it is so peaceful and the view is lovely. I am also pleased to find a picture of the old bathing pool which I also like to walk around, it takes me back into the past and what it was like when Anne visited the resort. I particularly like the pictures of old Scarborough and present day. EXELLENT!
From DI.

On Mon Nov 8 22:23:51 GMT 1999, Joe Champley ( (USA)) from said:

Nice site. I stumbled on your site while looking for my family history in England. Perhaps you can help me to understand the significance of the "Champley Baths". Look forward to hearing from you!

On Mon Nov 15 09:08:31 GMT 1999, Nadine Genin (Kiev, Ukraine) from said:

Thanks a lot!

On Fri Dec 10 13:34:23 GMT 1999, Dominique McGee (United States; Columbus, Ohio; no E-mail address) from said:

Wow! I can't believe your outstanding work in your books! The proformance was unbelievibly remarkable! You and your sisters have wonderful talent in writing books. I did a report on Charlotte Bronte and I was amazed! An adult had reccomended this book to me called Girl With A Pen. It was remarkable!! I had trouble locating her date of birth and the location. I can't find any pictures of her for my report, but then again, I'm not that good with Internet! But If you found a way to get back to me before the 15th with some websites I can look into, I would be most grateful! This is an EXCELLENT website and I'm very glad I found it! Thanks again,
Dominique McGee.

P.S. My school is Johnson Park Middle and if you can find that E-mail address then please send it there if you can write back to me Before the 15th of December!!!

Thanks for the message, Dominique. If you return to the 'Main Page' and follow the link 'Family and Friends', you'll find a photograph of Charlotte. Alternatively, if you follow the link 'Links to Other AB Related Sites', and surf the listed sites, you'll come across other pics of her. (Nay lass {said in true Yorkshire fashion}, the Brontë girls are not my sisters! . . . no, I'm not Branwell!!   ;-)   )     . . . Regards, Mick.

On Wed Dec 15 12:35:15 GMT 1999, CRISTINA BOIX (SPAIN from said:

I am studying at the University of Valencia the 4th year of English Philology and I am in love with the Brontë sisters. Sailing in this "cibersea" I've found an unknown island which I am ready to explore!

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