Anne / Emily diary paper (1837)
Here is the diary manuscript, and like the 1834 diary it was written in the renowned minute Brontë script on a tiny piece of paper - this one a mere 112 x 91 mm. It includes a sketch by Emily, showing the two sisters with their papers strewn across the dining room table: Anne is on the left, and has her elbows on the table with her head resting thoughtfully in her hands. Emily has her back to the artist, and just beside her right shoulder can be seen the small tin box (actually labelled 'the tin box') where the papers were kept - this was almost certainly the box in which Charlotte's husband, Arthur Bell Nicholls, discovered the diaries in 1895.
 N.B: On a 15" screen, and in 800 x 600 screen resolution mode, the diary paper appears here actual size.148n 

Anne/Emily diary paper (1837)

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