Anne / Emily diary paper (1834)
This is the actual diary, produced on a tiny piece of paper measuring 99 x 60 mm. in size, and in the famous minute script that much of the Brontës' juvenilia was written. Down the side of the paper is a sketch of a ringlet by Anne, and Emily has captioned it 'A bit of Lady Julet's hair done by Anne'. It seems that this drawing was already on the paper before the diary was written, as the text flows around it.
 N.B: On a 15" screen, and in 1024 x 768 screen resolution mode, the diary paper appears here actual size.146n  
(In the standard 800 x 600 screen resolution mode, it appears about 30% larger.)


Anne/Emily diary paper (1834) - front
Anne/Emily diary paper (1834) - rear
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