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Portrait of a young woman (water-colour) Portrait of a Young Woman
c. 1840 - 1845

This water-colour was originally attributed to Charlotte, but recent evidence indicates it was almost certainly by Anne. It had once belonged to a family called 'Anderson' in Greater Ouseburn - apparently given to them by the Robinson children to whom Anne was governess. Edward Chitham suggests it may be Anne's portrait of Mary Robinson - one of her charges. Others have suggested that it may be an attempt at a self portrait. Some of the features do resemble Anne's, but the face appears much more rounded than it does in all the earlier, known portraits we have of her. Also, the hair is much straighter, but, of course, it is quite possible that she changed her hair style.



'A very bad picture drawn  June 24th 1842 by Anne Brontė''A Very Bad Picture'
24 June 1842

This pencil sketch was drawn while Anne was at home during her summer holidays from Thorp Green. On the reverse side she has written: 'A very bad picture drawn June 24th 1842 by Anne Brontë'. Edward Chitham believes it may be a portrait of one of the Robinson girls, and Anne's comment means that it is a poor likeness. However, Christine Alexander and Jane Sellars, in their book The Art of the Brontës, make the interesting suggestion that it may be an attempt at a self portrait, with the artist observing her reflection in a mirror, her right hand is out of view - making the sketch. The left arm is drawn disproportionately large - the way Anne would see her own arm - due to it being closer to the mirror.

The girl's features bear some resemblance to those in the previous portrait (above), giving some added credence to the belief that that too may be a self portrait. (Make comparisons)



Roe Head School
c. 1835 - 1837

This study is titled at the bottom - 'Roe Head, Mirfield': it is not dated but was drawn sometime between 1835 and 1837 when Anne was a pupil at this school. Its aspect is from the front gate - and it is very similar to the sketches done by Charlotte, and their art teacher Susan Carter.

All three sisters spent some time at this school - and eventually Charlotte taught here.

Roe Head School (pencil sketch)



'Sunrise Over Sea' (pencil sketch)Sunrise Over Sea
13 November 1839

Signed and dated - 'Anne Brontë', 'November 13th. 1839'.

Drawn while Anne was governess to the Ingham children at Blake Hall, Mirfield (this was near to Roe Head School). Anne was nineteen at the time. Edward Chitham suggests it may be another drawing symbolic of Anne herself - peering out over a new life.


'. . . Mr. Weston rose at length upon me, appearing like the morning star in my horizon.'      

. . . Agnes Grey.


Country Scene with Cattle
15 December 1836

Signed and dated along the bottom: 'Anne Brontë', 'December 15  1836'. Another picture Anne drew while attending Roe Head School - she was aged sixteen.

Landscape (pencil sketch)

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